White Lindy or Birkin for summer?

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  1. I am just about ready to get a white bag for summer. I have pretty much decided on a textured leather for wearability and I like the PHW with white. But I keep flipping back and forth between a Lindy 34 and a Birkin 35. My thought is that the Birkin is a forever bag and maybe white will break your heart if you try to hold on too long. I am not tough on bags, but I do want to carry this one for everyday. What does everyone think?
  2. birkin 35 in white............... if you could get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. frankswife I love white bags but I have chosen not to have a textured leather - I was told the grime can settle in between the grains.

    Either would be lovely :smile:
  4. I have owned some white bags. In my experience the easiest to take care of is Epsom... I know Epsom is not the most popular leather , but in White color, it is both sparkling and easy to clean...
  5. white birkin:smile:
  6. IMO, a white birkin ! It's a classic H bag which would last you forever. I love whites too, very much. And if ever your white birkin gets dirty, you can always send it back to H boutique for spa and it will come back as good as new again. That's what happened to my friend's white birkin, it really DOES look VERY NEW after spa. COnsider no more, choose the Birkie !! ^_^
  7. Birkin!!! I think the Lindy looks better in "different" colors. Plus, a Birkin is a FOREVER classic!
  8. Definitely, a white BIRKIN!!! :yes:
  9. Wow, nearly unanimous so far!
  10. I would go for the Birkin too.. But maybe in 30cm. I tend to carry bit less in the summer and 30cm might look dressier too. I'm a huge fan of Lindy as well, but Birkin just wins the fight here! :wlae:
  11. Does the white leather yellow over time?
  12. I have a white birkin. I wrapped the handles with wnite-ish twillies that I can wash, love & recommend it!
  13. Thats a great idea!
  14. ms fashionista, the white does not fade. I have an epsom from a few years ago (not 10 years thought!) that looks brand new, but I do take VERY good care of it. The only part that does get wear is the handle. Wrappping scarves around it is an option, but the feel bothers me. I prefer to carry just as it, and deal with the faint dirty marks. I do wipe it clean when it gets "grey". I am thinking of getting a white bombay. so cute.
  15. Oh, to answer the question at hand, I think the smaller birkin is a good idea. 35 in white is really tough to keep well. I don't care for the lindy...just MHO