White Gold vs Stainless Steel Rolex

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  1. What a beautiful watch!
  2. This has to be my favorite Rolex ever! This is the Day-Date in Platinum with the ice blue dial and diamond markers. The size of the watch is 36mm so it "can" be a ladies watch :biggrin: It doesn't come in the ladies size though (26mm), but you can get this bracelet (President) on the Lady Datejust, and the 31mm Datejust as well, which I plan to eventually get, whenever that will be :lol: I LOVE the President bracelet.

    lovehermes - you should totally upgrade to the WG President bracelet. OR you could do the rose gold one! Yum! If you don't mind pre-owned watches, try checking your AD. There are usually pretty good deals for the Day-Date ;) Keep us updated!
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    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
    Some pics from the website. All have president bracelet.

    White Gold Lady DJ white MOP dial, diamond bezel and markers

    Rose Gold Lady DJ black MOP dial, fluted bezel, diamond markers

    Platinum 31 mm DJ, ice-blue concentric dial, domed bezel, arabic markers

    -I don't really like the concentric dial though, I prefer the plain one like this one:

    36mm Platinum Day-Date, ice-blue dial, domed bezel, Roman markers
  4. I frigging love this! I like the Roman numbers but I also like diamond one too. Decisions, decisions.....
  5. It is not silly to trade it in if you want the diamond markers.

    However, when it comes to white gold vs. stainless, it is pretty much impossible to tell the difference, especially when you are just looking and not studying under bright lights with magnification.

    I have a white gold Rolex that I bought second-hand. I never would have paid for white gold if stainless had been available to me. Stainless is more durable. But the watch was such an excellent deal that I got gold.

    Then, it turned out I needed another link, and one did not come with my watch. So I purchased a stainless steel link and had my jeweler put that on the watch. I can not tell the difference in the metals at all.
  6. ITA. You can't tell the difference, but if you want the diamond markers, go for it!
  7. I tried this one on at my AD. It is stunning. This watch does not need diamond markers...it's that fabulous! :graucho:
  8. ^^that one is disgustingly gorgeous!!:drool:
  9. Now that is interesting bogshopr.;)
  10. I agree! it probably loks even better on the wrist:graucho:
  11. im lovingthe ice blue dial!! STUNNING
  12. I agree - a long term love of mine - this one very quietly whispers . . . Am happy to save the diamonds for a cocktail watch.
  13. OMGosh Roo...you have fabulous taste! That watch would look gorgeous with your Birkin!
    I'm not so sure the blue dial is me though.