White Gold vs Stainless Steel Rolex

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  1. #1 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    I have a stainless steel Rolex with a white gold bezel, white dial and roman numerals. Would it be silly to trade it in for a white gold Rolex with diamond markers? Does it make a difference to you if the Rolex is white gold vs stainless steel?
  2. I think I would value the white gold and diamond more just because of what it is made of
  3. No difference unless you get a President Day-Date. Do you mean just a white gold bezel so you can upgrade to a diamond dial?
  4. It would have the President band. My stainless steel has a white gold bezel...I just edited the first post.
    Do they look the same as both are white metals?
  5. They look pretty close to a casual observer. Of course WG is gorgeous, and with the President band those "in the know" will know it is not steel, but just in passing, probably not so much. But the band and a diamond dial are very sharp! What color dial are you looking at? If money was not an object, I would go for the platinum with ice blue dial. The dial is spectacular.
  6. It was a silver dial...just simple. The problem is that I love the yellow gold President too. I never saw the ice blue dial...sounds gorgeous!
  7. Allow me to tempt you...


    How often do you wear the steel versus the yellow gold?
  8. ^^OMG...how gorgeous is that watch!!
  9. I have no idea. I do have a Cartier Tank with a yellow gold dial and black crocodile band.
  10. I think you should trade the steel and the yellow gold for the platinum!
  11. Is the platinum a lot more $$? Can you tell the difference between the white gold and platinum?
    The trade on the stainless steel is only $1500...it's four years old. I used to have a gold/stainless steel with silver tapestry face for twenty years before trading for the stainless steel.
  12. I think the trade-in is low. Some places I have talked to do at least 50% original price, but I think you could get better than that. The platinum without diamonds retails for $40k. You can see pics of the dial options on the Rolex website.
  13. Thank you so much for this information!
  14. Wow - I'm in :love: What's the exact description of this watch. Is there a ladies version??