Which wrist for bracelets, and why?

Which wrist?

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Apr 27, 2014
Hi everyone,

Apologies if this has already been asked but wondering if is there a particular preference or rule of thumb on which wrist to wear the Love bracelet?

I would have thought the left wrist might be more popular (if right handed) to reduce wear and tear but how does this fare for those wearing a watch? And then for those that work at a desk every day, there is the possibility of banging the bracelet when typing or writing.

Planning on getting my Love next month and starting to think about all these important things

Thanks in advance!


Nov 21, 2006
I would guess that if it fits close, it will be less of a problem.

My Cartier Trinity bangle is awful to wear when I'm typing because it is very loose and moves around too much and bangs on the laptop or desk.

It seems like the LOVE fits snugly so that wouldn't be a problem.


Material Girl
Mar 27, 2008
I'm right handed and I wear my everyday stack (regular Love, small Love, small JUC) on my right hand. Occasional bracelets (Hermes CDC, VCA perleé sweet clovers, diamond bangle) which I take off after each wear go on my left.


Dec 23, 2015
I'm right handed and wear my love on my right hand. I prefer a little bit of a snugger fit so there isn't a ton of movement going on and I don't find it to bother me! I have a JUC on my left hand that is looser and it drives me nuts moving around all the time but since its my non dominant hand I can live with it :P
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Dec 4, 2010
I’m right handed and wear my loves in my left hand. It was just the natural choice for me since I was already wearing a bracelet on my right side that wouldn’t stack nicely. And I’m not really a watch person. I didn’t consider which side is more prone to scratches.
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Cat Fondler

Feb 14, 2020
I’m right handed and used to wear my bracelet on that hand. After four years, the bottom became very dull with many superficial scratches. After getting it polished when it got the screw enhancement and it was looking brand new, I moved it to the left arm and while it’s still getting a little scratched on the bottom I think it’s a little less, and also less prone to big scratches when reaching for things, etc., that I do more with my right hand. I spend a lot of time on the computer and why the bottom of my bracelets show the most wear. It’s impossible to keep them pristine when worn every day, so I don’t worry about it too much. Better to enjoy them!
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Apr 22, 2013
I'm right handed, and I wear my watch on my left wrist and I always a Love bracelet on my right wrist. I know people here Love stacking Love bracelets, and it looks great, but I found it very uncomfortable by the end of the day. I have some nice watches from Cartier, Vacheron, Rolex, and AP, and I would never wear a Love bracelet on the same wrist. Doing that will really scratch up or maybe put small dents in a nice watch, and do the same to the Love bracelet.


Jan 25, 2015
I think personal choice. But for me, I am technically left handed (born to be) but my right has been trained too since very little so I can write/draw/paint/hold chopsticks with either hand. Other than those, I’m always a leftie. I bought the Love with the intention to wear on my dominant hand which is left. But after I start to wear my watches more, I decided to switch it to right.
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Mar 18, 2023
I bought mine to wear on my left (non dominant hand) but switched it to my right hand (dominant) after 2 months because it bothered me when wearing a watch on my left hand. I also added the small juc on my right hand and they don’t bother me at all. My watches are much heavier so must go on my left
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Jul 13, 2007
I’m ambidextrous and was forced to write with my right, though I started with my left! But I do a combo of things with my right or left. Years ago I broke my left thumb and started wearing my watch on my right permanently (I used to switch them now and again) so I wear my Loves and JUC on my left and some chains on my right to avoid scratching my watches up.
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Jan 22, 2023
I am left handed and I still wear my Cartiers on my left. Its comfortable for me even if using the mouse/desktop work. I stopped using watch unless I workout then I put on my garmin. My right wrist have Tiffany beads on them or sometimes tennis bracelet. I prefer my Cartier on my left as left side is apparently closer to the heart hence we wear the wedding & engagement on the left.