Which wrist for bracelets, and why?


Jan 1, 2007
OMG I just got my Love Bracelet delivered! It is sooo Beautiful! I chose the White Gold with full diamonds, I just LOVE it! What wrist do you wear it on? Does it matter? I was going to wear it on my right, because I wear my watch on my left.....
Thanks for all the info. I thought it would be ok on my right wrist. I can't wait to have my hubby put it on me! I have to see what he is doing for lunch today, I don't think I can wait until after work....
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Congrats!!! I would love to see pictures of it on your wrist!
What size did you get? I am a little confused about their sizing...

I would probably wear it on my right wrist too...that way it wouldn't take away from my watch & e-ring :smile:
It's a personal preference - whatever you are more comfortable with. I wear five bracelets and my watch on my left hand, nothing on my right, and rarely take any of them off.