Which one looks best?

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  1. Thanks for your opinions :smile:
  2. I really like the Goyard. It's very chic and screams refined gentleman to me. I'm just not a fan of the LV. I was going to buy the GM size for my husband for his anniversary. His beloved Burberry messenger has seen its day and it was time to move on. That huge flap just seems awkward and really just a lazy design. There was a Ferragamo that was beautiful but not big enough for a MacBook Pro. Given that there is no Goyard anywhere near me (Having to go to NYC keeps me from impulse buying as I have to see bags in person) it did not even cross my mind. After seeing your picture, I wish it did! In the end, I wound up with essentially the same Burberry bag and he was thrilled.
  3. The LV looks better. Nice clean lines and sophisticated.... :smile:
  4. What Burberry bag if I can ask? ;)
  5. I'm also concidering this messengerbag from Montblanc. I like the classic timeless look, and the leather is fantastic.
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  6. That looks very well made. When in doubt, I prefer leather. My husband, on the other hand, does not because it's heavier. He is a chiropractor so blah blah blah posture/heavy bags. He will not suffer for fashion.

    I have no idea what the Burberry bag is called. I walked in and saw essentially the same bag he had but better - no more logo/pattern and nothing written on the strap. He is not into logos - he never was but now he really shies away. It's nothing fancy, just nylon with leather trim messenger.

    Old beat up messenger



  7. It looks very nice and functional. Congrats!
  8. Of these, the LV DE
  9. I like Goyard print. But I like the LV the best. I think the Montblanc is better than Goyard too. :smile:
  10. How about damier granite? I think that would look great with navy and denim
  11. I like the LV looks sleek, the Goyard although has blue hues looks too busy imo.
  12. I recently got a Montblanc briefcase, and the quality seems superb. I will definitely take a closer look at the messengerbag. It has a soft grain leather. Sometimes it can be ok to wear something discreet and understated.

    It's nice, but maby a bit dull..
    Yeah, I think the Goyard is a love or hate thing :smile:
  13. Godard
  14. My new messenger bag will either be Goyard or Montblanc.
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  15. +1
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