Which one looks best?

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  1. Which of these bags do you think looks best with this attire? LV Damier Ebene or Goyard?

    20160714_202855-1-1.jpg Studio_20160713_084600.jpg
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  2. I like both but I vote Goyard!
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  3. I think the Goyard as well, but I like the LV a lot more.
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  4. i'm not a fan of both of them, i prefer other colors. but the LV looks better, like the clean look. do not like the flap leather surrounding on the go yard. is like going back a few years. just like an old cd collection storage-book-bag
  5. Goyard doesn't follow the trends :smile:
  6. I think both bags would go with you outfit, however I like the LV DE a tad more. I am sure you will look dapper with either bag you choose.
  7. LV. The brown print and navy attire looks sharper IMO. Plus the damier print is cleaner. The Goyard print is busier.
  8. LV de. It has a better contrast with your attire and compliments it well.
  9. I think the Goyard "goes" better but I really don't like it. I would vote for the LV.
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  10. LV! Definitely!
  11. Goyard
  12. I like both, but I think the LV is best as it looks sleek and contrasts well against your outfit. The Goyard bag is nice too, but I find it too busy.
  13. Both are great choices but the LV seems to make a sleeker presentation together with your outfit.
  14. I like the Goyard, but I think the LV has a more classic and cleaner look.
  15. Like the color play in the Goyard - not the style of the bag. So LV DE gets my vote.

    @Dorf - BTW - love, love the belt. I think I may consider one to wear with jeans!