Which more classic-Ballon bleu or Love bangle?

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  1. I have both, so I feel that both are classic.

    Hokaplan: Can can't go wrong.
  2. Well I was going to say love bracelet, but you said that you already have 2, so for that reason only I say go with the watch!

    But I do find the love bracelets to be more classic IMO. Truly iconic.
  3. ^ agree. love bracelet is more classic, but you already have 2!
  4. Well the rain in Philadelphia today is quite bad. So I don't think I should drive to Cartier. Perhaps tomorrow will be better. Loving the ballon bleu after seeing recent picture last night on the celebrities wearing watches thread!
  5. I think the Love is more classic, but I think you should get the ballon bleu.
  6. Such a tough decision! Watches are my obsession and I know that there will always be new ones that come out. But I feel this is my last chance if I'm ever to get the ballon bleu. As I mentioned in other threeads, Cartier's Red Card will only be accepted for 3 more months! I can only afford a Cartier item when I do the 12 months zero interest.
    I don't think their new lender will offer the same terms. They might only do 6 months and then the payments are too large.
  7. It sounds like you will regret not going ahead and purchasing the Bleu....I've been in that type of situation before and when I don't go ahead and do what I really want (I end up regretting it big time AND spending more money than I would of initially)....hope the sun comes out soon and you can take the drive to Cartier.
  8. Agreed, Definitely stick with the watch, you already own two bracelets. I think it's a worthwhile buy. I, for one, would love a Tank or something, but it is well out of my range even with the financing.
  9. OK - I'm getting the watch!!!! Do you still think automatic over quartz?
  10. Isn't automatic more long-term?
  11. love bracelet! :biggrin:
  12. I'm getting automatic! And I really want to buy it tomorrow - LOL! But I must wait until late October.
  13. definitely love bracelet.
  14. I think the Love bracelet is more "classic"--but you have two so you should get the ballon bleu. I know MANY people well over 60 wearing it! That's crazy talk!
  15. Sprinkles&Bling - I did ask about the dual-time option and they said it was not made on medium size. It only came on large size ballon bleu.