Which more classic-Ballon bleu or Love bangle?

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  1. Which do you think is the more classic piece - a yellow gold Love bangle or the ballon bleu?
  2. I think they both can be considered classic but given the history of each piece, the Love bangle wins IMO.
  3. Ballon Bleu.
  4. Thanks guys for your opinions! Having a silly day and started some silly threads! I can talk Cartier way too much. Just want to be sure before I make my final purchase with the RED Card - 12 months zero interest. Originally I was going to get the YG bangle since I have a RG cuff and a WG bangle. Then I've been seriously planning on the medium automatic ballon bleu in ss. Just want to be totally sure. I have lots of wonderful watches and read something on TPF this morning that hit a nerve. Another poster wrote that they can't see a 60 year-old wearing a ballon bleu so it got me thinking........ Even though I just turned 46.
  5. I think the Love bangle is more classicbut I think you should get the ballon bleu since you already have 2 love bracelets.
  6. I think the ballon bleu is appropriate for any age.
  7. ^^I completely agree, I will be turning 50 next month and could see myself wearing the Bleu for many, many years......don't agree that this particular watch is associated with or not any particular age group (well maybe not a young teen). This watch is classic and elegant. I would definitely go for the watch over another Love bracelet IMO....
  8. Thanks again for all opinions. I really appreciate what everyone has to say. I plan on going to Cartier tomorrow. My roadster needs a battery. But we're expecting awful rain so I might go on Friday. Keep the opinions coming!
  9. Love bracelet
  10. LOVE bracelet.
  11. love bracelet is more classic for sure. i believe the ballon bleu came out only a few years ago. but regardless, age has nothing to do with jewelry imo. it's not like it's a miniskirt. just sayin'......
  12. Ballon Bleu!
  13. ballon bleu. Gonna purchase one myself!
  14. Hoka, I think the LOVE bracelet is more of a classic because of the yrs it has been out but I do love the ballon bleu and wish to add it to my collection one day!

    BTW, when you go to the boutique you should ask about the midsize ss ballon with a dual-time zone dial, it is sooooooooooo freaking gorgeous!!! I think the dual-time zone adds a little something to the dial (very unique) which I really like! Let me know what you think of it! good luck!
  15. love bracelet.