Which colour Gucci Dionysus Bag?

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Which colour Gucci Dionysus?

  1. Blooms Pink Suede

    18 vote(s)
  2. Red Suede

    13 vote(s)
  3. Taupe Brown Suede

    20 vote(s)
  1. I think you have a lot of gorgeous neutral bags already and think you are situated nicely to add space for a more unique bag.
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  2. So hard to choose all 3 are so gorgeous! And I think all 3 are neutral, even the blooms. The blooms are just so pretty and distinctive, that would be my choice!
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  3. i will choose blooms.
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  4. I'd go for the red. The blooms feels a bit passe and has a more feminine look, so it's less versatile. While the taupe is classic, the red pop gives it a much fresher look.
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  5. I would choose the blooms. It’s just such a special offering from Gucci. My second choice would be the taupe because it’s neutral. But it’s a little meh.

    I love red bags, but I don’t care for the red accent on this bag. It doesn’t add anything and a lttle off to me.

    Let us know what you choose.
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  6. Red gets my vote. It’s nice pop against the GG logo.
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  7. My favorite is the red suede. Such a pretty bag!
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  8. So true! I have way too many black bags. I am definitely wanting a lighter fresher looking bag so I think Gucci coated canvas would be perfect.
  9. The red gives you that pop of color. Thats my vote.
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  10. Hard choice! I give an edge to that red one though as its a beautiful red and gives the bag that Gucci edge.
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  11. I think YOU prefer blooms so should go with that one!! I love the blooms print
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  12. I like all of them a lot to be honest. I’m just a bit of a Scardy-Cat to commit to colour or print even though my heart skips a beat when I look at the coloured ones. :biggrin:
  13. I love the taupe and the red; however it appears your heart is leaning towards the blooms, if so I would just go for it! :smile:

    Please let us know what you decided.
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  14. UPDATE: Thank you everyone :flowers: I apologise in advance for the boring reveal. I ended up buying the Gucci Dionysus in the GG supreme monogram logo with taupe suede.

    I wanted to start with a classic before venturing out to the more statement suede colours. I bought a Gucci Blooms card holder to satisfy my cravings for the blooms print.

    I want you get the red suede or blooms print later on if I love using this bag.

    Thank you all :flowers::flowers:

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  15. I like the blossoms, not because there are blossoms, but because I like that color contrast best.
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