Which colour Gucci Dionysus Bag?

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Which colour Gucci Dionysus?

  1. Blooms Pink Suede

    18 vote(s)
  2. Red Suede

    13 vote(s)
  3. Taupe Brown Suede

    20 vote(s)
  1. Hi please help me choose a colour for my new Gucci Dionysus Bag. I want the Small size with the GG Supreme print.

    I’m having the hardest time picking a colour. I’ve narrowed it down to three colours red suede, taupe suede or the pink blooms. I love all 3 and so hard to choose!

    I have a lot of black bags so I want something a bit different.

    I want something that is a statement but also versatile and classic.

    Any input is much appreciated thank you! :smile:

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  2. Here are some photos of the colours in action for reference.

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  3. The plain are more classic and I do't think you'll fid anymore Blooms print ew anywhere anyway.

    I'm most attracted to the red personally but it's what suits you.

    What's you own colouring and what are your usual wardrobe choices? Is it to wear in the Summer or all year round?
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  4. I agree. I would go with the red or taupe
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  5. I like and would pick the blooms for a pop of colours blending with the supreme print. Good luck finding one,
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  6. i like the taupe one best. i love the blooms collection, but if I am spending that much on a bag, I would want something a little more classic and that can go with a lot of other stuff. I would get the blooms dionysus in the super mini size instead.
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  7. Hi thanks for your response. There are a few Gucci Blooms at my local Gucci and I tried them on and fell in love but wasn’t sure if I’d get sick of it. The red was stunning too.

    I want to wear it year round and my style is a bit odd, I can go from wearing neutrals one day to extreme pops of colour the next :smile: thank you for your detailed reply much appreciated :flowers:
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  8. I think the red covers both sides (the neutrals ad the 'pop') so I'll vote for that
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  9. The Blooms is so beautiful but the SA kept saying i might get sick of it. But the soft pink suede lining felt like a great neutral. I think florals are very Gucci too.

    Thank you. I adore the blooms collection so so pretty. The red suede was so amazing on too and it looked similar in look to the blooms without the flowers. So tough!
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  10. I’d pick the blooms. It’s pretty and the flowers on the front aren’t that big in size. So in my eyes it looks like as classic to me as the plain ones. From the plain I’d choose the taupe. I’m not that fond of bright red, but that’s of course just me.
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  11. Taupe if looking for versatility as it will go with everything. Red if you want a pop of color and something a little different than just a neutral shade. Both gorgeous.
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  12. #12 Jan 23, 2019
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    Thank you! I think the blooms Dionysus is like a work of art. Everytime I see it my heart skips a beat. However I’m trying to be a lot more careful in my bag choices from now on as I want to keep and use my bags for a very long time. If people think the Blooms is a classic I might end up getting that one :smile:
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  13. I was totally in love with the blooms collection when it first came out (I still am!), and was dreaming about buying it, but as I was about to pick my very first premium designer bag, I chose the GG supreme WOC without the blooms pattern instead, to keep it simple and neutral for it to work all year around and with any outfit, but if I would have had a nice collection that covered all bases, I think that I might have gone for the blooms, it's just beautiful, and really something special! I did get a shawl/stola in the pink blooms pattern though, just to satisfy my need for some flowers in my life! :smile: So, my vote goes to the pink blooms bag!
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  14. I love these Dionysus Supreme bags as much now as I did when I first saw them (though I don’t own one because I could never choose a colour between black, red or taupe :amuse:).
    My preference is taupe, red and blooms in that order, but you seem to love the blooms, so I think you should go with that.
    They’re all beautiful and versatile.
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  15. I love the Taupe one best! The blooms is stunning too and such a fun bag! Good luck choosing xxx
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