Which color Gucci marmont?

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  1. The bubblegum. Like the egg yolk yellow bags that came out for the first season, there’s something special about that happy, slightly zany shade of pink. It really suits the spirit of the Marmont.
  2. If you can pull off the pink and it is what your heart desires, then go for the pink. It is a little to bright for me but maybe it is the photo. I like it in the ones with the models, though. I have a bubble gum pink bag from Dooney that at first I thought was obnoxiously bright but it really grew on me and I love it. I like it in the winter to brighten up an outfit and not just for spring/summer.

    The nude is expected and elegant. They have different looks IMO. I have varied tastes so I often struggle with the same decisions. I love classics but I get bored and my more interesting/creative side starts crawling out for something different than the expected. And since you are getting the nude in another style, I'd go with the pink!

    At first I thought you meant the velvet fuchsia one. I have wanted the purple velvet one ever since I saw someone on Youtube with it! I haven't ventured in to this level of designer bags yet but it is on my dream list!

    Good luck with your choice!
  3. In that case, go with bubblegum. (And send me the red :biggrin:)
  4. Thanks all! Starting to lean more strongly towards the pink. :smile: I'm kind of thinking if I love the bag, maybe I can get the nude or get a variation of the bag (maybe the top handle?) in nude sometime down the line.

    Your response made me realize I totally had a typo in my message. I meant to say "this bag in red isn't captivating me" (not "the bag"). I love the Soho Disco in red and will be holding on to it, lol. For whatever reason though, I don't love the marmont in red.

    I also saw a Youtuber with a purple velvet one and loved it! It is so so pretty. I'm not quite sold on velvet bags though, especially at this price point. It just feels a bit to trendy and limiting for me right now, but it really is a gorgeous bag!
  5. Definitely nude (porcelain rose) color! Just keep in mind the potential for color transfer . I am thinking of purchasing this bag in the small size myself. Curious to know others’ experiences and tips for avoiding color transfer? Thx!
  6. Update - I purchased the candy pink, and it's on its way to me now. So excited! I hope I love it in person as much as I love it in pictures!
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  7. Pink! Who says it can’t be an everyday color? Maybe you’ll grow tired of the color but it would still be hot on the resale market I think. Pink is always hot via resale. I don’t think you’ll grow tired of it, it’s gorgeous
  8. I’m so glad you went with the pink! My friend has it in the small mini size and it is so adorable :smile: She wears it everyday so I’m sure you’ll be able to too.