Which color Gucci marmont?

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  1. I am strongly considering buying a medium marmont bag, but I can't pull the trigger because I can't decide which color! It is down to the dusty pink/nude color or the candy/bublegum pink (which I'd obviously have to buy pre-loved).

    I love the candy pink. I love how girly and bright and fun it is, and it feels like a very "me" color. However, I'm worried that I will grow tired of the color or that I will find it childish in years to come. I'm not particularly worried about matching the bag to my clothes - it's not something I try to do anyway. I'm just worried that I'll grow sick of the color or come to find it too little girl-ish. I do plan to use this bag for years, so longevity is a factor. Part of me feels that I should go with a more classic, "grown-up" color. The other feels I should live a little and go for something fun and a little bit different. I've also found some pre-loved ones in this color for a steal. I could save quite a bit of money going with this color.

    I also really love the nude color. I think it's really the perfect shade of nude and is probably my favorite nude shade I've seen in a bag. I also think it's a great, classy (and classic!) color that will stand the test of time. However, I am also going to be purchasing the super-mini in this color, and I'm just not sure about having two bags, that are really only different in size, in the same color. I would also likely buy this color new as there don't seem to be a whole lot of pre-loved ones out there selling for all that much below retail, so I would be spending far more on this than the candy pink.

    Any thoughts? What would you do? TIA!

    Candy pink:
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  2. Nude! It goes with everything
  3. I think you should get the bubblegum pink Marmont. It seems like that’s the colour you love and are drawn too. It is the original colour that was on all the Gucci catwalks and campaigns. I love the picture of Gigi Hadid wearing it.

    The nude is beautiful but it seems like you are only considering it out of fear and trying to be safe. You shouldn’t worry too much about the future you don’t know what you will love or hate in 5-10 years time. Get what you love now!. :smile:

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  4. Live a little, girl!
  5. I love the nude❤️
  6. I would purchase the nude but I like them all!
  7. Have you considered red? It would give the fun of the bubblegum pink but the timeless/ageless feel of the nude.
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  8. Go for the pink and rock it! It seems like that’s the color you really want.
  9. Go for the pink, girl! You’ll look fabulous :tup:
  10. Nude!
  11. Between the two choices, I would go for the nude.
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    It's no surprise that most would go for the nude, but your heart seems to be set on the other one. :smile: We all might grow tired of the things we buy today tomorrow, you should buy the one that makes you the happiest right now, and you'll love it down the road too for all the joy it has given you. And you will either way have a nude one in another size, so you are not missing out on that color either.
  13. I prefer nude but it seems that you should go for the bright bubble gum pink Marmont bag.

    Have you considered the light pink Marmont? It is a lovely soft shade that would be best of both worlds.
  14. Thank you all! I'm still debating it - I wish I could get both! I think I'm leaning towards the bright pink, but I can't quite let go of the call of the nude...

    I have! I have the Soho Disco in red and love it, but for some reason, the red in the bag just isn't captivating me. I wish it did though because that would be a great solution!

    I love the light pink! And I agree, it is the best of both worlds. The light pink doesn't seem to come in the medium size though, and I'm pretty set on the medium size. If anyone know if I'm wrong about that though, please let me know. I will HAPPILY wait and hunt out a light pink medium!
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  15. Omg I’ve been looking for that pink forever!!! Buy the pink!!!!!!