Where to buy lesser known fine jewelry?

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  1. Yes, contemporary is a great description for my taste. I wouldn't have thought Gucci at all, but will check it out now. Thank you.
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  2. I've heard of this, but havent looked closer. Will do now. TY!
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  3. I just had dinner at abc kitchen last night, but didnt know they had jewelry? thanks for heads up. Will have to stop by again.
  4. I love ABC Kitchen and Cocina. I love the whole store!
    The jewelry department is at the front of the store. They have some really beautiful pieces - Celine D'Aoust, WWake, Elisa Soloman, Polly Wales, Danielle Welmond, Melissa Joy Manning, etc
  5. Kendra Scott does beautiful 14k pieces. I have this bracelet and these earrings and wear the bracelet every day and the earrings a lot. I think the quality is excellent and if you live near a Kendra Scott store, you can get 25% off her fine jewelry during your birthday month.

    I also second talking to a local jeweler. I live outside Philadelphia and Bernie Robbins made me an exact copy of a Tiffany DBTY necklace. The necklace I wanted was $1250 at Tiffany's and I paid $600 for an exact copy down to the diamond weight and 18K gold.
  6. Kyle Chan. Does some fine pave work around semi-precious stones at very reasonable price points.

    As a funny aside, He’s a fave of Bravo reality TV stars.
  7. Had my first purchase from mejuri. Its a tiny ruby pendant for 122 cad. Not bad for the price. The only issue i had is that the stone wasnt as transparent as the picture. But at least it matches the ruby earrings I got from the bay. I use it now as a bracelet charm. As a pendant it is just so tiny but may look better when stacked. Im thinking of buying the blue sapphire one to match it
  8. By Charlotte
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