Where to buy lesser known fine jewelry?

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  1. I don't know if there are others who are in my position. I don't want to spend $$$ on premium brands like VCA or Cartier, but I also don't want to spend money on costume jewelry (premium or not) since I am allergic to most of them, and even some that are supposedly 18k gold. Can we please start a recommendations thread?

    I'm liking the layering or multi strand necklace look, or a simple choker style. It's hard to find delicate ones, either in 14k gold, or sterling silver plated with gold, but I found 2 that I'd like to share.

    1. Ela Rae
    never heard of this brand, but was browsing a sale and saw this, decided to give it a try. the necklace has cz, but i think that's ok as accent stones, since real ones would be prohibitively $$$. It's really pretty and delicate and the price was around my budget, tho a bit higher than I'd prefer.


    2. Mejuri
    I think I read about this brand from either whowhatwear or popsugar, but I like the clean lines and how the jewelry can be stacked and combined depending on your style. Haven't purchased anything yet, but I may if there's a discount for black Friday or Christmas, but even the regular price is reasonable I think. I believe they participate in fair pricing...

    Here's a choker style I like. Combined with the other choker, it looks really nice.
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  3. I think I would try one of the great chain jewelry stores, like Kay, Jared, or other jewelry stores in your mall. We have a fabulous local jeweler where I live who has the most amazing fine jewelry. I tend to go local. Bet you will find something.
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  4. Aurate
    Vrai and oro
    Dana Rebecca
    Sachi jewelry
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  5. Thank you! That's some serious chain selection there. Now I know where to go to find a chain for the pendant my grandma gave me.
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  6. Are local jewelers competitive in pricing? I wouldn't mind paying a little more to support them, but depends on how much more.
  7. I have multiple pieces from Mejuri and their quality is really good for their price.
    Another brand I really enjoy is Missoma. They have mostly sterling silver pieces or 19ct gold vermeil on sterling silver.
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  8. Seconding catbird. Also ef collection, Zoe chicco, and wwake. I prefer these mid range brands that use 14-18k gold over local and chain jewelers because of the design and cool factor. I don’t know about resale value but the names are recognizable.
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  9. That's great :tup:
  10. It looks like you like delicate fine gold jewellery. Gucci has been going that way for a while and isn't crazy money IMO. The crazy stuff makes the headlines but actually they've beautiful very wearable styles too.


    My local jeweller will make almost anything I want, worth checking if you have a similar talented craftsperson. My friend just got her kid's baby teeth set in 18K (not something I'd wear but...interesting).

    Your style veers towards the contemporary but it's amazing what you can find at antique fairs and far more reasonable than online.
  11. I really believe that they are quite competitive. First of all, and foremost...they don't have to pay for national advertising in the promotion of their products. Secondly, I love that I have established a nice relationship with mine and that they know me and my price point. Definitely a whole lot less expensive than dealing with the major designers .. not that there is anything wrong with that, lol.
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    I much prefer some of the smaller brands and shops to pieces that everyone wears.
    - LunaSkye
    - Anne Sisteron
    - Catbird
    - Wwake

    Are you in NYC? ABC Home has a gorgeous jewelry department.
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  13. Ariel gordon is another good brand
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