Where is your Burberry made in?

  1. mine has a beige interior.
  2. mine is made in china and i purchased it from their main website (www.burberry.com) always read if it's stated made in italy or imported which means made in another place besides italy
  3. i got mine in Prague . i was happy till i got home and realised its made in china. I got the small nova check eva tote. interior lining is red. any ideas?
  4. yes, but mine is with black trimmings, not beige with the red interior. i did post that link up in 'Authenticate this', but was told that it looks fake. i did check to look about the 'eva' model, and the ones that i found was from Japan websites and its red too. so can anyone help clarify?
  5. I've seen the black ones with the red interior. Wasn't sure if the light beige ones have the red interior too.
  6. There is indeed a licesened factory in China, a few years ago there was one in based in the Uk in Wales,they closed this down to move operations to China as it was deemed more cost effective to produce them there,I found this on an official Burberry page,when I was looking up Chavs and Burberry on Google,gives the reason Burberry took a nose dive here in the Uk. I think if someone was faking a bag they would be more inclined to put one of the traditional places like Italy or London,to make it appear more genuine!!
  7. My burberry sunglasses are made in Italy......
  8. It was a big thing when Burb announced they'd start making SOME of them in China..I remember there was a post about it here in Tpf years ago. personally stopped buying it when they announced this. Just until this year I had to give in and buy one!! Couldn't help it, it's wayy cute and so affordable. The rest of my old ones are from Italy..

    The China ones are like the London styled ones- they will sell them in Nordtrom (which is where I got mine), the official boutique...

    The Blue label ones are much flimsier material and sold in Japan, and costs so much less.
  9. Mine says Made in Italy. I got it quite a few years ago though. Hopefully their quality will remain the same, now that they're producing in China?
  10. I've been using my China made one for the past two months and it's holding up pretty well. That's just my personal experience though.
  11. I'unno...returned a LV bag and bought a Coach briefcase (made in China) and I have to say that everything about the Coach (zipper action, leather, buckles, strap) is higher quality than the LV. Made me sick to my stomach. That said, I have a Burberry that is made in Italy and its VERY nice. The leather bits are soft and supple and the zipper runs like butter.:yes:
  12. Blue label is supposed to be cheaper - for the 'hip' crowd. There's a Japanese textile company [Yamagawa?] that designs and produces (or outsources) most if not all of the Burberry sold in the Japanese market. The nice stuff is the Black Label - if you're thin and statuesque (especially guys), then I recommend making the trip. The Japanese market products are MUCH sharper than most of the British/American stuff.
  13. what do you mean by sharper?
  14. i had a little nova check tote (i've given to my little daughter) that i bought back in may2000 and it says "made in italy". i also had a continental wallet (i've sold it) which also said "made in italy". however, i've heard that some of the items are made in china.