What's your Tiffany & Co everyday piece or pieces???

  1. DBTY necklace with one diamond - I wear almost all the time
  2. Thanks! It looks delicate but has held up really well considering that I wear it on most days! Have you seen the plain rose gold or yellow gold versions? Both are really gorgeous too!
  3. i havent been wearing a lot of my tiffany's- really should. i find my silver bead bracelet (10mm) and matching earrings get the most wear though
  4. DBTY yellow gold .42 diamond - I'll go WEEKS without taking it off! When I'm lazy it's just the right amount of sparkle for every occasion!
  5. My heart bracelet engraved with my name on it. Got it for my 15th birthday. I will be 26 next month.
  6. Filigree Heart & Infinity pendants :smile:
  7. I wear my RTT heart bracelet nearly everyday since i got it when i was 24 from my then-bf (now husband). I'm 27 now, the bracelet looks good albeit with unavoidable scratches. Been wanting to add matching earrings but never gt round to it!
  8. I just got the pendant on the fifth but I won't be without it anytime soon and the bracelet I've worn everyday for two years, I'm gonna break it apart though
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    My picture didn't attach, and my pjs for the night! Lol

    I also used to wear my locket and key alot.
  10. Here's the locket and key I got in December... Wish I went with gold now-
    image-242088249.jpg image-3300919857.jpg
  11. LVoeletters! love your collection! I m thinking of getting a PG daisy key. i love keys so much, got 3 keys already one in gold and two in platinum!
  12. Which keys do you have?? I want a fleur de lis key and the gold clover key!!!! Do you have pcis of your keys?
  13. I got the platinum flour de lis and the older version yg clover key but the 4 clovers not the 3:smile: gotta figure out how to post pic:smile: got the pic in my iPhone but don't know how to upload them in my mac book. I m very technologically challenged.
  14. + the platinum oval key!!!
  15. How funny, we apparently have the same exact taste in keys!

    If you download the iphone purseforum app, you can add the pic very easily there, you just click type a response, click the plus arrow in the top right hand corner and click attach pic from your phone, it does everything for you.

    Or you can connect your iphone, go into iphoto library, copy them into a new photo then upload them in photobucket. For me the iphone app is so much easier.