What's in Your Kate Spade?

  1. I had no idea that purse had such great built in storage! I love my KS Andee (big tote), but it desperately needs internal storage.

  2. That's my favorite aspect. I'm so used to my Longchamps with no organization...it's great to find all these pockets in an adorable nylon bag.

    I have a Longchamp Planetes on order and will be sending it back after finding this Maryanne. :smile:
  3. I love that this has a center section!! :smile: Awesome bag!
  4. Back in my Finley...love this bag. :smile:
  5. A stowaway in my Sidney tote...

  6. Here's mine!



    iPad mini
    Coach cles
    LV cosmetic pouch
    LV wallet
    LV roses pochette

  7. Thank you! I looked on eBay, and it looks like it's called Newbury Lane tote? Sorry I bought it at the outlet!

  8. Thank you =)
  9. I have recently gotten into KS after buying a crossbody for travel that I love (cobble hill Carson). My most recent addition is a Charles street small haven in French navy and this is what I'm carrying right now..


    And here's what's inside...


    RM wallet (I forget name)
    Tory Burch cosmetic bag
    LV pocket agenda
    LV 6 key holder
    Sunglasses holder from Nordstrom (only fits small glasses)
    Eyeglass cleaner kit also from Nordstrom
    Pouch with feminine stuff
    Wet wipes for the kids
    Pen in holder
    Pack of Kleenex
    Mini emergency kit from sephora

  10. looks great!

  11. Added a few more items-

    Coach pencil case for holding phone charger & earbuds
    LV coin purse from Josephine wallet for holding a few shopping cards & receipts
  12. i really like the pencil case. nice yellow.