What's in Your Kate Spade?

  1. I didn't see one of these threads started yet in the KS forum. I think these are fun - I love seeing what people carry!

    Here is what I'm carrying in my Cobble Hill Finley:

    Gray moleskine
    Ipsy bag with chargers/earbuds
    RM Erin pouch with daily odds and ends
    Burberry sunglasses
    Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch wallet
    Hand cream
    Business card holder
    Clipa purse hook
    Hello Kitty mint tin
    Perfume sample
    Hand sanitizer
    Lip balm
    D&B pouch keychain (holds car fob)

    Not pictured is my phone
  2. i love ur RM pouch!

  3. Thanks! I have a few RM pouches and love them - so cute but so functional. :smile:
  4. I'll do this once it's warmer! Because right now it's like "flats for the office to replace my snow boots, gloves, scarves, hats, tissues." Everything that isn't wallet, phone, and keys got kicked out to make way for freezing weather stuff.
  5. ^LOL. I know how you feel. This polar vortex stuff is killing me. We got a foot of snow on Monday with wind chill temps below zero all week. I am soooo ready for Spring!!

  6. What a gorgeous bag! It is beautiful! Love the RM pouch as well. They're so cute with the clever sayings. :smile:

  7. Thank you! I so love this bag - the leather is so thick and soft, I want to use it as a pillow.

    I think the RM pouch sayings are so cute, too. My favorite that I have is a cobalt blue one that is the same size as this red one (the Erin size) and says 'nerd alert'. :smile:
  8. Love this thread .. I have taken some pic and will load it tomorrow.
    I love your key chain!! Its so cute! !
  9. What were in my (large) Minka bag yesterday.. I'm really loving this bag, it's so spacious (I tend to like bigger bags) and I use it for work.
    - Gucci sunglasses
    - Coach long wallet
    - Fossil makeup bag
    - Esprit mini umbrella
    - Samsung phone
    - Gums
    - Tissues
    - Portable battery for my phone
    - Haircomb
    - Sunscreen
    - Pendrive and USB cable

    I also carried a 500ml water bottle and a small organizer in it at some point.
    DSC03124.JPG DSC03125.JPG
  10. not carrying a KS bag today but I am carrying a KS pop bag inside :smile:
  11. Here is mine! Love my Nylon KS!



    This is a light day. Usually I have an iPad mini, a juice cup, another snack bowl, and my phone in there. LOL! (toddler life)
  12. I can't decide if I should post a photo of what would ideally be in my bag (kindle, phone, cute accessories) or whether I should post what's actually in my bag...(kindle, phone, a million crumpled but unused napkins, old receipts, lost hair ties, old printouts of maps, etc.).
  13. Cute bag! What bag is it?
  14. TY, Hermes plume
  15. Here's what's in my nylon Maryanne, except my phone which was serving as my camera. :smile: