What's in your COACH bag?

  1. Thanks! I like seeing what the inside of the bag looks like almost as much as the inside. It's a surprise sometimes..
  2. My everyday bag saffiano Mini Satchel. It might be mini, but it holds plenty of stuff for a mini.



    Inside pocket fits my lipstick, Poppy rollerball and my phone easy.

  3. Very pretty! I looked at one of those in Dillards the other day.
  4. dang that is alot for a mini bag!! so pretty
  5. Cutting the tags and moving in...
    Colorblock Molly!
  6. Beautiful!!
  7. Thanks!
  8. You are going to love her!!
  9. I do love her and the black/sliver siggy is coming home with me!!! I am debating returning graphite because she is heavy.. heavier then cb for sure.
  10. Nice!!! What is the thing that looks like a tourmaline cosmetic case?
  11. It's not Tourmaline cosmetic case, but Ralph Lauren leather Turquoise cosmetic case.
  12. [​IMG]

    All ready for the week!
    I just got Candace on Friday night so I'm looking forward to seeing how she works out this week.

    So far I've loaded up my usual necessities and everything fits perfectly.

    - Makeup bag
    - Numerous lipsticks/glosses/powders/etc
    - My beloved Erin Condren planner
    - iPad Mini in a Vera case
    - Wallet (please excuse the houndstooth; I'm hoping to find a nice one this week for the new bag)
    - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (best ever)
    - Keys and coin purse
  13. Enjoy your new beauty, and like all your goodies inside.