What's in your COACH bag?

  1. This bag is a tease for many reasons.. I love pink!
    I wish they still had the round zipper pulls.. I hate what they have on the new ones..
    Did I say I love pink??
  2. It's 47942:smile:
  3. Love all the color here! Makes you smile just looking at everything together :biggrin:
  4. audrey cinches loaded ???
  5. Large duffle :


  6. Love the color variety...and your reminding me I need to buy a Cles!
  7. So, the lipsticks come and go, but this is basically what I carry ALL of the time. It looks like a ton, but all this even fits in my Kristin Dome Satchel!

    Today, my leather Poppy Glam.


    And the stuff...

    What's in my Louis Vuitton affiche mini pochette.

    Louis Vuitton affiche small agenda with Tiffany pen.

    Coach Legacy wallet in cobalt, sunglasses and my "emergency" kit of cosmetics, band aids, eye stuff, etc.

    And apparently my other 2 pictures are too big, even though I took them with the same iPhone camera as the rest... Meh. The end!
  8. Mini duffle. She still has room.


  9. Thanks :ghi5: I :love: the cles!!!

    Love your stuffs :biggrin: esp. the LV mini pochette and matching agenda! The cobalt blue looks so rich in your pics! :tup:

    It surprised me how much you can fit in this bag! I like that it holds way more than a swingpack but doesn't appear bulky :smile:
  10. Oh how I wish I could travel this light..
  11. Here's what's in my Lula's Legacy. She can hold a lot more, but I'm traveling light today. :smile:

    Tokidoki pouch
    MbMJ sunnies
    Coach wallet
    Abas coin purse
    (Not pictured - my iPhone)
  12. It surprised me too. Even looking at it you still don't think it holds this much :smile:
  13. I used to have to carry more then I had some shoulder surgeries and I figured out real quick what was necessary. If I travel I have to carry more but I can get by with this if I drive because I leave certain things in my car.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. I love the variety of color. Has to make it much easier to grab exactly which item you need. :smile: