What's in Your AW bag???

  1. Thank u, I'm a pink person:p
  2. I'm happy to see fumo wristlet/wallet users.. Love your Chalk one!
  3. So very organized and very cute! I really need to get a variety of make-up bags like that so nothing spills or scratches my new AW
  4. is that the matte or laminated fumo wallet? is it hard to keep clean?
  5. I'm not too sure, it's a Matt finish but also feels there's laminate, it's a little dry looking and white is always hard to keep clean. The edges are alittle dirty now:p
  6. This is what's in my Rocco! :smile:

    My wallet, make up case, cell phone, glasses and business card holder.

  7. Love seeing all the Rocco's in action! Here's what's going out with me today!

  8. Beautiful roccos ladies! I don't know how you guys keep your stuff so tidy
  9. Inside my small Emile:

    - Prada zip around continental wallet
    - Ray-Ban wayfarers
    - Tictacs
    - MAC lipstick in Speak Louder
    - Water bottle
    - Keys
    - iPhone 5
  10. inside my Rockie with bullet keychain: makeup pouch, ipod touch 5 pink with pink polkadot case, iphone 4, and no brand wallet.

  11. Hi, just bumped this thread for you ladies
  12. Thank you! Although now I don't know which thread to follow! :p
  13. I'm a nosy Nellie by nature and love seeing what everyone carts around in their bags. :p

    Here's what I'm carrying in my Cayenne Rocco today - only thing not pictured is my iPhone as it's my camera.

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  14. I just copied my post from the other thread...figured it was easier to keep everything together. :smile: