What's in Your AW bag???

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  1. With so many different shapes and sizes, thought it would be helpful to see what can fit in certain AW bags or for those of you who are just curious to see what's in other girl's AW :P


    Using the Rocco today, here's what's in mine. Where I'm from, the weather drastically changes (rain one minute, sunny the next), have to be prepare for the unpredictable
    New Image.JPG
  2. great thread! thanks for starting and sharing. i'll take something tomorrow!
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  3. Thanks! Hope more of us is willing to share :smile:
  4. haven't used this in a while but here's my patent brick Rocco. just the usual stuff for me. l'occitane hand cream in rose is my favorite at the moment. my Chanel sunnies, phone, lip moisturizer and the hello kitty container with my usual over the counter drugs, allergy meds, Imodium, and pain killers all go into my comme des garçons pouch. my Dior wallet is over 15 years old, you can see the silk tearing in the corner but I love it dearly. lol and a hair clip for driving top down (the convertible of course)!

    come on ladies. don't be shy! post more pics.
  5. oh and my little daily planner vim probably the only dork in the world that has an iPhone and carries a planner around. lol. Siri and I have a horrible relationship.
  6. Nope, I'm a dork too! Can't live without my little planner!! :smile:
    And that bag is TDF! Such gorgeous leather and color!
  7. oh thanks for making me feel better about the planner! lol.

    thanks, i rarely use her, i always find myself gravitating to the black/black but she does get to see the light of day once in awhile.
  8. :smile:
  9. Today's contents...

  10. Aqua Jane and what's inside...



  11. I love how your stuff looks so organized scoobie!
  12. What's in my Rocco bag:smile:

  13. ooh, i love all that pink! love that bal too!

  14. Is that an iPad? If so, how well does it fit? Thanks!
  15. Yes its an ipad, after I put all those things inside the bag it's still very roomy. Just a little on the heavy side.