WHAT WAS YOUR LAST DIOR PURCHASE? *post photos of your beauties here*

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  1. the PERFECT blush color IMHO!!! so beautiful and feminine. congrats on scoring one!
  2. I loved this bag when i saw it during the fashion show, but was totally turned off by the strap that came together with it.
    Can you share your thoughts on this? :smile:
    I can’t justify buying an extra strap.
  3. IMG_0075.JPG

    My new book tote [emoji7]
  4. Congrats! Love your tote. Soooo pretty!
  5. My Dior Diorama Clutch/WOC in metallic black color. Purchased in Paris and it is my first Dior bag. Excited!! dior.jpg
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  6. One of the most beautiful
  7. My new Dior belt bag in black :heart:
    It has a zipper compartment and 2 card slots. It fits an iPhone X.

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  8. My new card case!

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  10. Is this Navy with Champagne hardware or silver hardware?
    Is this exclusive color in Europe? I haven't really seen this combination in a few boutiques I visited.
  11. Bought a wallet to match the bag! Love the Diorama [emoji7] 20190321_182345~2.jpg
  12. Navy with champagne hardware ! Hmm not sure about exclusivity though...
  13. Just got myself the diorama Chinese New Year edition. Will post pictures very soon
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  15. This is gorgeous!
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