What style is this? The new CL Identification Thread

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  1. Thank you
  2. Hello beautiful ladies of this forum. In behalf of us real men, thank you for all you do. For putting up with us, for all your hard work and for mastering the art of walking in those sexy heels. We appreciate that, believe me.

    I recently purchased a pair of these Louboutin’s for my wife on eBay but I’m not sure of the name of the model, since no box came with them. As shown, these pumps have a cracked leather look to them. I do know they are 100mm.

    Would appreciate any help you can offer. Stay beautiful!
  3. Do you have a pic of the whole shoe’s silhouette? It’s difficult to narrow down possibilities based upon top view of toebox alone.
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    Hello all.

    Would appreciate any help you could offer with this one. These CL are 100mm pump but with a cracked leather look. Would anyone know what this model is called?
  5. Hello my friend and thank you for assisting. Yes, here’s a profile pic
  6. I think they're Ron Ron, but I can't find the name of the finish/color...
  7. Thank you very much!
  8. These are Declic 100s. It looks like they might be the Goa leather.
  9. Your help is very much appreciated. Many many thanks.
  10. Hello all.

    Could you identify these? Patent red leather with gold heels.
    745DAB2E-4536-4397-A99A-604102F45050.jpeg 2E214CCB-856C-45B2-ADDF-E9F94AF54E7F.jpeg
  11. These are Numero Privé - Red Patent w/Bronze Mirroir (often called No Prive) from 2009.
  12. I truly appreciate your assistance. Wishing you a great one.
  13. Curious, does anyone recognize this model? It’s a canvas sling back.
  14. Hi :smile: Anyone know which style this is? I keep google'ing but just can't seem to find them. First I thought Anjalina, then Iriza, then irishell but no luck. Hope someone knows :smile: Kind regards
  15. What about this style?