What style is this? The new CL Identification Thread

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    sorry dup post :smile:
  3. Can someone ID this for me? I found it on instagram. It looks like pigalle follies but in 100mm. Im loving the shoe!!! Thanks bunches!

  4. Yes, Pigalle Follies :yes:
  5. Thanks so much kjbags! So pigalle follies also comes in 100mm? So excited!
  6. It does! I think Nordstrom will receive the version pictured there along with other colors :smile:
  7. Could someone help to identify these? Which CL are these ?
    IMG_9886.jpg IMG_9887.jpg IMG_9900.jpg IMG_9894.jpg
  8. Ron Ron 100
  9. Hi Friends! Hoping this photo is clear enough that you can help me identify this style: [​IMG]
  10. saw a pair of stunning CL on a blog, please ID for me so i can start fishing for them:heart: thanks! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1400718102.325749.jpg
  11. Hard to tell for sure from this pic, but I think Lady Sling.
  12. Looks like Filo.
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    thanks for your quick response!!!!! the blogger emailed me this photo but she is not sure about the model name ut its a 100m one.
    I searched snakeskin but can't find it ;( do you have any clue? Thanks xxx really appreciate it!
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    can i get one more pair to ID?
    i am really not good at finding shoes model of CL...
    too many and i have no clue... Thank you so much prettyy
  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1400735350.250299.jpg