What SHOES are you wearing today?

  1. the bamboos r so cute! :smile:
  2. wearing :smile::flowers:my Nine West metallic platforms.

  3. They are gorgeous. Love the Rockstud. This is my favorite collection ever.
  4. Thank u! Mine too :biggrin::
  5. My red Aerosoles wedge espadrilles.
  6. Thank you!

    I like these Nine West, too!
  7. Such a pretty shade of red!
  8. Lovely Rockstuds!
  9. Moschino slides
  10. Super-fab!:p
  11. Marc by Marc Jacobs lucite heels ImageUploadedByPurseForum1375551156.366832.jpg
  12. I keep looking at the photo of your shoes. So pretty!
  13. Thank you! I love them!! I've wanted them for years, finally found them new on eBay for a killer price!! So happy! They're also really comfy to walk it!
  14. Very nice! And, they do look comfy (the leather looks so soft).
  15. Elie Tahari ballerinas