What SHOES are you wearing today?

  1. Louboutin Banane 140 watersnake
  2. very cool! sounds stunning! :heart::smile:
  3. wearing my Burberry wedges today. :smile::flowers:

  4. Many thanks!
  5. Gucci suede strappy heels

  6. I have some black patent shoes similar to these, the bow makes them. It that a wooden heel? Who's the designer? I like!

  7. :tup:
  8. Flip flops
  9. ;)
  10. Manolo Blahnik flats
  11. The heel is wooden - these were a Stuart Weitzman steal from Amazon. :p
  12. [​IMG]

    *Paul Andrew

  13. Very nice :graucho:

  14. cute! too bad my short stubs cant do this kind of shoe :giggles:
  15. :smile: My Valentino Rockstud in action