What is your latest Hermes purchase?


Feb 16, 2023
In the past couple of months I got a little crazy and spent a ton. I didn't photograph all of them but the photos show my favorite purchases:
  • Rodeo MM charm (gold/mauve pale/horsehair)
  • Casaque Entrelac Equestres scarf (ivoire/jaune color which is so so so beautiful, chanced upon this color on the website and immediately got it)
  • Oran sandals in denim and in beige nude, both colors are gorgeous. It's my first time buying denim oran sandals and I'm pleasantly surprised that the denim parts have leather backings lol.
  • Chaine d'ancre rings (both small and large model, my SA was so amazing and hunted down the large model in my size for me) and farandole 160 necklace in silver
  • Chaine d'ancre earrings very small model in rose gold
  • short sleeve H sweater dress in white
  • coupe de gala 140 shawl (the gris chine version)
  • sur mon nuage 90 silk scarf (blanc)
  • avalon epopee pillow (so cute!)
  • paris loafers in beige nude (I still like them but my least favorite purchase out of the bunch, I wanted the beige argile color which is more yellow than pink but alas they've been out of stock)







Jul 24, 2021
Hi All, So excited!! HAC 40 Noir Togo PHW. I am almost afraid to take him out of the closet where he is peacefully resting. I dream of places to wear to him and, more importantly..which bag comes next!?!? Sorry, no pics have yet uploaded..hopefully, after I am home alone a little later, I will post some!!
Hi! would you mind DMing me the price for the HAC? Can't wait to see a picture!
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