What is your latest Hermes purchase?

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  2. Gorgeous
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  3. It is always something special with a scarf, that tells a story related to ones life. I am happy for you! Enjoy!
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  4. thank you :smile:
  5. 23E23530-2D66-4D03-9ECC-63E90DAE558B.jpeg I needed a few little pick me ups so I got these:
    *H playing cards - so beautiful that I don’t actually want to shuffle them. Lol but hubby said he’d learn card games for me (he was an only child and never really played cards)
    *Mini Ulysse with a couple inserts
    *Vintage H flask - thought this was a little bigger but it lovely and easy for hubby to fit in jacket pocket! 8128E526-C5C1-445E-83A5-A679B43CC914.jpeg BB61D88D-C64E-4FE1-84DB-D4E332DF62FD.jpeg View attachment 4733827
  6. Love them all. Thanks for sharing!!:heart::heart:
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  7. #36366 May 18, 2020
    Last edited: May 18, 2020
    I've just bought a new to me convoyeur GM! i've just finished the payment and haven't received it yet! but i am so anxious and want to share with everyone.
    i think that it is huge for me, the bag is 30cm at base-width, 42cm at widest,37cm tall not including handles. and i am only 5'35!
    but i will give it a try. i like the bag for its rareness and the barenia leather. and the bag has a 5-pointed star blind-stamp.
    what do you think? please give me some advice. should i keep the bag?

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  8. is it evercolor leather? happy to see them use this leather on a constance.
  9. My first h purchase in 2020 (Y stamp) unfortunately I have to get this from a personal shopper but I can’t wait any longer to try the new taurillon clemence leather.
    Say hello to my new girl, the h 24/24 29cm in gold.

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  10. I have a convoyeur also - but the PM size, in black evercolor. I love it and your barenia one is so gorgeous!!
  11. wow before I buy, I search TPF for convoyeur and read all your posts about it. thanx for your information. keep sharing and we may help other people :smile:
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  12. Hehe yes you can definitely come and hug the cushion. Might have to fight with my little one though she already tried to claim it!!!
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  13. Thank you! It’s so pricy for a pillow but I thought cost per wear would be good if I can look at it all the time :biggrin: typical justification for H purchase hehe. If you need help with code for the pillow please feel free to write me!
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  14. Hehe yes you can definitely come and hug the cushion. Might have to fight with my little one though she already tried to claim it!!!
  15. E47B0A27-21B6-45D8-92CA-F1341E466B3A.jpeg Super excited to see this mini C in pink
    Love it so much and keep looking at it at home !
  16. was on the hunt in the reseller market for a bigger-size Kelly, preferably in Fjord, that could function as a daily workhorse bag.. to fit the alcohol wipes, hand sanitiser, no less! meet my "new" K32 Natural Sable in Fjord.. she's in her mid-teens! :amuse: