What Handbag/Purse Are You Carrying Today?!

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  1. Thanks!
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  2. Smama!! :amazed::lol::lol:
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  3. These are so cute! Either the little one is teeny tiny or the large one is mongo gigantic! Is the little one Tods? And is it tiny? Would you post a modeling shot ? Love the blue grey color and the zipper that go down all along the sides..seems it would make it more accessible.
  4. Love your Sasha! That color and leather:love: Gorgeous!! is the hobo your preferred carry configuration? My fave is to wrap the handle underneath into the satchel configuration.
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  5. Exactly what I thought too!
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  6. Hi! I usually use it hobo style, but I like it both ways! I love bags you can wear in different ways!
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  7. Thank you! Both! The grey bag is a laptop bag and huge while the blue is Tod’s and super small. Here’s an old mod shot:
    It actually uses a frame with an internal kisslock which makes it fairly easy to use and adds a nice detail.
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  8. Thanks! It’s really cute..looks about the size of the mini lady Dior. Ah,that it has the kiss lock framework..how awesome!
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  9. It might be closer to the micro. It’s only about 4 in high and 5.5 in wide.
  10. This is so dang cute. :loveeyes:
  11. Thank you so much, Sunshine mama! :heart:
  12. I’m doing red bags this week ❤️
  13. Switched back into this for Valentine's, Michael Kors Mercer gallery medium tote in ultra pink:smile: 20180410_161618.jpg