what does your tiffany charm bracelet look like?

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  1. I haven't added a charm to mine yet but I've been thinking of getting the cupcake one. I was just wondering if the enamel would chip. How has yours held up?
  2. My Tiffany charm bracelet was a gift from my aunt for xmas. She got me the bracelet, shopping bag and apple charm. This past valentine's day she got me the Tiffany notes lock charm. I really love charm bracelets!! I want two more charms to complete my bracelet.
  3. Hi Alelynn,
    I did have the bottom portion of the cupcake break off from the top enamel portion. I was a little surprised, as I thought it was a solid piece of silver, but it's not. Tiffany exchanged it no problem. There is someone else on the forum who had the same issue. The enamel still looks brand new!
  4. achicken,

    It's nice the enamel held up but the cupcake breaking is a much bigger issue! I am glad they exchanged it for you. :smile:
  5. And Mrs. TGreen,

    I love your bracelet. Do you know which other 2 charms you want to add?
  6. I want the taxi cab but undecided on the last charm I want. You have any suggestions?
  7. Here's an older picture of my charm bracelet.


    Then I got 2 more charms for my birthday last year.

    Tiffany messed up on the placement of my charms and I had to send it back 3 times!!! Here is what it looked like when I finally got it back.

    I wrote a letter to Tiffany complaining about how it took 3 times and almost 2 months to get my bracelet back. In the process, my 2 new charms were already scratched up and looked just as old as my other charms. So, they sent me 2 new replacement charms AND they gave me the heart & lock charm for FREE!! They also sent the old charms back with the bracelet (you can see them off to the side).

    Sorry for the blurry pics - the last 3 pics were taken using my iPhone.

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  8. My boyfriend got me a tiffany charm bracelet for christmas and it has one charm on it - the tiffany blue box, I love it! :smile:
  9. wow, i can't believe it took them 3 times to get it right. that's no good! i had to get a charm soldered on, and 2 links removed, but when i went to pick it up, they had forgotten to remove the links, so they had to send it back again. here is what mine looks like now http://www.flickr.com/photos/23821032@N08/4527503246/in/set-72157623872851616/ i haven't gotten the S lock soldered on yet, in case i want to move it or wear it as a necklace

  10. I'm sure anything you pick you will look amazing. I was thinking the Tiffany blue box would be a cute addition though. If you wanted to move the blue bag, you could put the taxi cab in the middle with the box and shopping bag on either side. A way to add some more color. And the best color at that! Tiffany blue ;)
  11. My aunt is in town for business so I am spending the weekend with her. My birthday was Tuesday so she is taking me birthday shopping. We went into the Tiffany's store and she got me the black high heel shoe charm with Tiffany blue color on bottom of shoe. I love it:smile: When I get home I will post a pic of it on my bracelet.
  12. Happy Birthday Mrs TGreen! It sounds like it was a good one :balloon::party:

    Can't wait to see the pic!
  13. Thanks Alelynn7. Here is a pic with new high heel charm added.
  14. Love it MrsTGreen!

    It's my birthday this week, and hubby didn't know what to get me from Tiffany's.... I wasn't sure what to ask for, since nothing is really standing out to me at the moment, but I think I will start a charm bracelet.

    I have the heart tag bracelet, with my initals engraved on the heart...so it would be nice if he can go pick out some charms for it...
  15. Mrs TGreen, I love the shoe charm! It looks perfect.

    I don't know what they are called but are you using on of those jump charm beads? So you can still move your charms around? I don't have any charms yet on my Tiffany toggle but when I get one I'm trying to decide if I want to have it soldered on or use one of those attachments so I can move the charms around. I think I saw in another thread that Tiffany calls them a replacement component?

    And neverenough bags, you should hint to hubby about the bracelet. It would sentimental and something to build on :heart: