What do you think of the new hinged enamel bracelet

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  1. You have the best combinations in leather and hardware colours.
  2. My favourite! 20181012_155657.jpg
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  3. The hinged look is a bit more gender neutral.
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  4. It's not a cheetah, it's a leopard. Cheetahs have a dark line that runs from their eyes down their face, framing the their nose. [​IMG]
    Also, another tidbit about Cheetahs, they are not considered a big cat and they purr just like a household cat.
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  5. Beautiful! I did not realise the hinges design came in leather.
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  6. I got one of these four days ago and lost it in the subway! I believe the mechanism makes it easier to open up and fall off, as it did in my case :sad:
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  7. Yes! I wore mine with my Clic H and just being pushed up next to the Clic was all the clasp needed to open and it fell off! Fortunately, I was somewhere where I heard/felt it fall off and I retrieved it. I’m so sorry you lost yours.
  8. I’m not a fan of this hinged look and the fact that it can easily unclasp does not help at all. :no:
  9. I had a similar experience. One time when I was traveling in Japan, my flight was delayed because of typhoons. There was no available room in my original hotel so I had to move to a hotel nearby. I really had a hard time, while walking to the new hotel with my suitcase, because of the strong wind and rain. After I finally finished the check-in and settled down in my room, I was scared to see my bracelet barely hanging on my wrist with the hook almost undone...:wtf:

    However, I really love this design so I bought two new ones while I was in Paris in February. :lol:
    One is noir lizard leather in GHW and the other one is RGHW in bleu abysse.:heart:
  10. The beginning of a new slippery slope..... HINGED.jpg

  11. Very nice! I was in my boutique today and my SA and I were lamenting the loss of megawides - which make me think of you!! I couldn’t find that fab JagQ bracelet in my size/hardware color, but I have the Les Leopards in a mega wide, so that will have to do for me. Love that shade of pink!!
  12. Ah Luvbolide, we are so aligned @ the megawides....I scour sites trying to find them! And you have the fabulous mega Les Leopards, which for some insane reason I passed on. And H, in its infinite wisdom has forgone the extra wide Clic-H bangles as well...what's one to do?! Thus emerges my slide into hinged....
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  13. Werner,
    You are on a roll!!! These enamels are GORGEOUS! Congrats! (You have amazing taste in wrist candy!!)
  14. I'm so sorry to hear this! I have one and have worried about that happening. It seems like it would be easy to do.
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  15. I hear you...never will understand them ditching extra wide Clic-H bracelets, either. Sometimes H breaks my heart!!
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