What Are You Carrying? *** INSTAGRAM Thread ***

  1. :smile: Thank you rx! It is a gorgeous bag and so fun! I am really loving the Mini MAC, but it's so not practical for me.

    I have to say that I really enjoy coming to this thread to see everyone's creative photos of their gorgeous bags!! Thanks for starting this Iris, great idea!!
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  3. My very first Longchamp Le Pliage Large
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  4. This is a gorgeous bag and it photographed so nicely!
  5. Thank you!! :flowers:
  6. Posted this in the wrong thread...

    my grail bag came today :wub: Here she is with the Nashville filter.
  7. Still carrying the same bag...just can't bring myself to switch out as I am enjoying it so much!!

    Rebecca Minkoff MAB

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  8. Bag twin!!!:p

  9. I second this! Can I have thIs bag?:p:smile::smile:
  10. Carrying my new (to me) Watercolor Speedy again today, with matching bandeau.
  11. :smile: I was looking at your 'RM In Action' pics the other day and thinking to myself good thing I already own that bag or I'd have MAJOR bag envy!! It's really a treasure!

    This is gorgeous!
  12. LOVE this!!
  13. [​IMG]

    Chanel Black Caviar Jumbo w/SH
    Filter: LoMo-Fi
  14. Longchamp and Burberry roadtripping with a venti white mocha

  15. Technically not today's bag, but the bag I wore on the Today Show :smile:

    I was there for NBC, and chose to rock it with Guiseppe Zanotti's Alien (Spider) Heels, So in love! This is an instagram shot on the way back!


    Watch my segment on the Today Show here! (The Power Of Makeup)


    Thanks for all of the love and support :heart: