Weird feeling...

I feel wierd carrying my bags around my just people who can't "comprehend" spending 1500+ on a bag and they feel they have the right to judge me and streotype me....
Oh, absolutely!

I would never carry a designer handbag with logos to work until I'm a little higher up in the hierarchy.

I really wouldn't carry a logoed, obviously designer bag anywhere among people that I know would "judge" me for it, label me a princess, spoiled, etc. You can't change the way people are, but it's easy to change the way they perceive you with just a handbag swap. Just for the sake of simplicity, I wouldn't carry a logoed bag to work until I'm higher up in the hierarchy because co-workers can be catty! I wouldn't carry it to dinner with a boyfriends' parents (learned this lesson the hard way), and I would never carry it to a job interview.
I dont really feel too weird, there are situations, especially at school (good ol' U of H) that would make it feel weird but I guess I'm just used to it. I'll carry what I want :biggrin:
I think I'd feel uncomfortable carrying my more expensive bags at school but being an engineering school, it's just because it would look odd in a sea of guy's backpacks and bookbags.
the only place i ever felt wierd about carrying my designer bag's is at BJ's (wholesale club like Costco) and Target... everytime i do i get the looks from girls, some either seeming to think 'if she can afford that why does she shop here' or those looks like 'it's probably fake'... i got over that and realized why should i feel bad carrying my own bags anywhere!
the only person i don't like to wear my bags around is my mom. she notices everything. so when she sees me with a new bag she'll comment on it and ask me how much it was. i hate when she does that.
I guess I'm lucky. I am the only female in my office, so I could carry a great bag and no one would think twice about it. These guys are so macho type, it's funny and cute in a way. Chanel to them something you select on a remote control.
I know what you mean. When I think about how much I spend on a bag (which isn't really all that much AT ALL compared to a lot of the ladies here!) or jeans (okay i spend a LOT on jeans - it's truly my addiction), I feel really guilty when I think about my mom who would never ever pay more than 200 for a bag, much less a pair of jeans. And it's not that she couldn't if she really wanted it, but that she just could never imagine spending so much on something like that. It makes me feel really guilty :sick: but I just bought her a damier bag, to help me feel a little better!

Loganz said:
Sometimes in front of my mother, she knows what they cost and she just can't comprehend it.

When she talks about not having the money to retile her kitchen, and I look down at a bag that costs more than her tile-estimate I feel pretty sick. :sick:
i don't feel weird carrying my designer bags anywhere. people who know me know of my obsession for handbags, and other than guys, people don't really comment on the costs.