Weird feeling...

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  1. Are there any times/places that you don't feel comfortable carrying your designer bags?

    For example, I work with people that cannot afford to buy a designer bag and most of the people that I go to school with are the same way. My family is not poor but also not rich. I saved a LOT of money in order to buy two of my designer bags. So, sometimes I don't feel comfortable carrying them. I guess I don't want to pretend to be someone I am not but I don't buy designer bags to "look rich". The reason I buy them is because I love the quality and the way they look. I guess I could go for a cheaper similar-looking bag but it wouldn't be the same, you know?

    Do you ever have that feeling????
  2. I have a similar situation at my job... It's awkward at first, but hey- I work hard for my bags! I usually answer any comments with a shrug and a smile and "bags are my weakness, what can I say?!" Use your bags proudly! I won't use them in front of my mother-in-law, but that's a whole other story... ;)
  3. I do carry my bags in front of my MIL, but I think she just figures that they're fake, which is probably for the best. I don't carry a purse to work secondary to the nature of my job, but I do carry them everywhere else. I like what RED says, "bags are my weakness."
  4. Sometimes in front of my mother, she knows what they cost and she just can't comprehend it.

    When she talks about not having the money to retile her kitchen, and I look down at a bag that costs more than her tile-estimate I feel pretty sick. :sick:
  5. Maybe if I went to some sort of religious gathering, or a funeral.
  6. If I know what the situation will be wierd, I will usually carry a designer putse that doesn't scream out "expensive" or LV or Chanel! After thinking about it, I don't think I have a non-designer purse... That's why I usually fall back on my reliable black jimmy choo to carry that job..
  7. I can't take that chance with my MIL... Every time she sees me she looks me up and down to see if I have anything new- which has made me very self-conscious. She'd think (or tell anyone who'll listen) what nerve I have and that I'm "spending her son's money." Like I don't work! :oh:

  8. LOL looks like mother in laws are the same everywhere
  9. i feel really weird carrying a my real bags while browsing in a store that sells the fake version of it!
  10. Ugh... WHY is that? Sorry, I'm disliking mine intensely lately... :amuse:
  11. I don't have that problem, unless I'm meeting in-laws, in which case I prefer not to be judged as materialistic or extravagant. Most of my colleagues use designer bags (and shoes) so I'd feel out of place if I didn't too.
  12. I know how you feel. I use to be the same way until I realized there will always be someone out there who 'disapproves'. I'd rather enjoy my bags on a daily basis than worry about what others may or may not think.
  13. I feel weird carrying mine to the salon I go to, mostly because everyone there carries fakes and I don't want to join the club :P

    I don't carry all of my bags around my dad's or boyfriend's family, only a couple. If they knew how many I really had... :shame:
  14. I don't necessarily feel weird but none of my family/ friends have a clue of how much the bags cost -- and that's fine with me! I know if they knew, several would be horrified and think I am "blowing" dh's money...but hey, we have our own business and I work in it...and it's MY weakness!! He has his toys and I have my purses....
  15. I feel weird carrying mine to work as well...I'm a sub/teacher so I don't carrying any designer bags to work. But, I have carried my Juicy bag to work and one teacher made many comments about my Juicy bag and it made me feel really uncomfortable! Imagine if I carried my LV's!