Vintage Bags anyone?

  1. yes I was lucky :woot:
  2. thank you!
  3. Betty MAKES that bag. Rock it.
  4. Hi, check eBay first where most vendors buy their inventory for resale. Here's one in crocodile from the 60s for $2,500:

    At the moment, there are also half a dozen leather ones in the price range $800-$4,000 depending on condition, leather and age. Here's the brown one for $800:

    Malleries is a reliable source with the largest variety of vintage Hermes bags. Here's the alligator for $3,900: and 3 leather bags for $1,895:

    Hope it helped:biggrin:
  5. I have to post my latest finds...Martin van Schaak. I'm still researching, but I have to share. I am in total love...
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  7. How cool is that bag? I have been a handbag junkie my wholee life, and I have never heard of Koret bags before. Only Koret of California clothing line. She is a beauty, I love the hidden goodies.
  8. I know! I had not heard of Koret bags before either, but this one was so cool that I just knew that I wanted it!
  9. I just totally love this bag!! I have a few Korets, but none this cool. I need to get busy posting some vintage goodies on here!!! I love to look and share ! LOOOVE vintage stuff. You've found some awesome things!!
  10. It's been too long since I"ve been to this thread!! Here are a few finds Im just now getting posted.

    Bottega Veneta $2.40 (recently authenticated) summer straw bag
    By jessi319 at 2012-06-24
    By jessi319 at 2012-06-24​

    A Pretty Eelskin clutch with a cool side snap and light blue velvet lining -50 cents!
    By jessi319 at 2012-07-02​

    A Bob Mackie black velvet clutch/case. I like the crystal snap. Definitely got lots of use tho' also 50 cents!
    By jessi319 at 2012-07-02​
  11. So classy (and yet a bit sassy!) What a beautiful bag!
  12. Gorgeous finds, congrats! I love the Bottega bag!
  13. Your straw bottega looks similar to this bag and it is already up to $108 with 6 days left in the auction!