Vintage Bags anyone?

  1. Just thought I'd ask if anyone collected vintage bags? Roberta di Camerino, art deco pieces, vintage Fendi's, Dior's and YSL's for example. I love the vintage Chanel evening bags, would die and go to heaven if I could find a real wonderful Dior clutch and go crazy when I find anything Roberta di Camerino from the 40's & 50's in good shape. I only have a few vintage pieces and rarely use them but they sure are beautiful to look at and add some pizzazz to the rest of the bags that seem to dominate my closet these days!

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  2. I am mad crazy for vintage and was even thinking about starting a thread like this! I collect 1950's and 1960's Enid Collins box and straw bags - I have about ten. Most recently I have started collecting 1950's lucite bags and acquired a beehive one from e- bay ( THE holy grail of lucite bags. ) I have some others - just today I bought a 1940's crochet bag from Steinburg and Tolkein in London. Another favourite is a 1970's rolled magazine clutch from fiorucci. Recently I got my first designer vintage - a cream Chanel chain bag with tassel that I love so much that from now on I think I will be concentrating on this area.

    Where do you get yours - I buy off e-bay as there is not enough money in most non - designer vintage pieces to warrant any type of fake thankfully. My designer vintage I get from reputable stores here in London such as Rokit, Steinburg and Tolkein etc-. We have a great market in London called Portobello where there are several very good dealers too. I wish I knew how to post pics !

    It is excellent that you have started this thread - i'd love to hear about other vintage fans and their bags! I would also so like to see your deco ones - post if possible. I've never heard of Roberto di Camerino before - what are the bags like?
  3. Oh, I've got a ton of them around here with the most expensive sitting in the bank (not leaving that sterling purse sitting around). There's the vintage Mexican leather, a crocodile purse, the odd clutch, and my personal favorites, Austrian petit point. The good stuff that is. To purchase one of my bags new would be over $3,000, and it cost me all of $115. I'm still giddy over that purchase.
  4. Well, this is fantastic! I am not alone! Yaayyy!

    KATY - I browse through eBay all the time for vintage's fun. Roberta di Camerino made exquisite bags in the 40's and 50's (now the line is clothing, etc.). Once in a while you can find some on eBay. I'm watching one now....we'll see how the bidding goes.

    I'm so glad to know there are others on this forum who love Vintage as well as the new. It's nice to meet you!!!!
  5. I've got some vintage Coach bags (back when Bonnie Cashin still worked her magic), a few Etienne Aigner satchels, some gorgeous monogram canvas Celine bags, and I just picked up a malletier Speedy from the Marketplace. Most of my purchases have been via eBay, though I do take the time to hunt down the high-end consignment shops in town whenever I'm on a business trip, and there are a few sites whose stock I monitor fairly closely.

    Nice to see other vintage fans around!
  6. I love vintage bags and jewellery, with a passion!!! :love:
  7. I have an ancient Burberry shoulder bag that I bought at a resale in Portabello in London a few years ago. I'm not sure exactly what decade it is from but it looks quite old, in a neat way. It's a little worn out but really cool! It's fun to think about who might have carried it and where it has been.
  8. I love, love, love, vintage bags:love: some of them are exquisitely made. I particularly look for bags that can be worn today. I am building a collection of Waldy bags, these were beautifully finished bags, made of the highest quality leather and materials and all to an exacting standard. They used to make bags for the Queen before they went out of business. I could go on and on but don't want to bore anyone!:shame:
  9. I don't have any vintage bags, but I'd love to see your collections ladies. Please post pics.
  10. Go ahead - you won't bore me! I love to talk vintage bags and bag history in general. Never heard of Waldy either - tell me more and post pics if you can.

    Favouritethingsinhawaii - thankyou! That is actually a flutterbye Enid Collins and I have wanted one for ages, they are much more common in the states, so i'm hoping to come to a deal.

    Shopmom - I will defintely look up Roberto di Camerino on the web and ebay - don't worry I won't bid against you (spent too much money already this month!)
  11. Wow!:amazed: What purse was this if you don't mind me asking?
  12. There's a vintage boutique that opened (well moved into a bigger location) here in SF recently and has an amazing collection of vintage Coach bags along with Gucci and others. I was just there over the weekend and wanted this vintage Fendi dress so badly!
  13. Hi ladies, I'd love to see pics of vintage bags too! I don't know much about most vintage styles, but I do love the Bonnie Cashin Coach bags! 'm posting pics of my one vintage bag that I've been too ashamed to post so far for fear of getting labeled a Purseforumer with no taste :shame: But it's one of my favorites, a tooled leather bag from the 50s or 60s I'd guess that I use frequently now that the weather is getting warmer. The best part - "Betty" :lol: !
    ebay 116.jpg ebay 117.jpg ebay 119.jpg
  14. That's a very pretty bag, Vanojr9! It's so unique!