VCA Van Cleef & Arpels addiction - support group

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  1. lol ily! :d
  3. TY! I am happy, I love YG and MOP.

    Ok ladies, remember we should be happy for all we have! We are lucky to even own one piece!
    Now I would love love love to have some collections here but that is not happening and I am ok with it!

    Happy new Vca for everyone! Or go look at what you have and find anew way to wear it!
  7. For those who have expressed interest in the double drop VCA alhambra, a nice pair just went up on eBay:
    I think they're priced lower than Ann's:

    There's also a pair of Sweet Alhambra in turquoise and white gold with a best offer option:

    Finally, a Perlee Signature bracelet in white gold, size medium, also with a best offer option:
  8. Love, love, love this photo, those earrings are awesome and I especially love that carnelian!
  12. Thank you Junkenpo!
  14. Get solid pink! I Love my 2 10-motif in PG! I mostly wear them in 20-motif. I love love my onyx, but I wear PG more than onyx. Onyx X YG motifs sometimes catch my clothes (knit, tweed, etc.), but solid PG motifs never do!;)
  15. I got sweet alhambra in onyx!!!:biggrin: Love them!
    (But, it took me some time to get used to taking them off.:sweatdrop:)
    IMG_2703.jpg IMG_2705.jpg
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.