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  1. When's the next price increase? Going to get the mop 5 motif bracelet but not sure to get it now or wait. It's not a funds issue....just trying to talk myself out of it for now. Until the price increases :smile:
  2. Get it now so that you can enjoy it. There will always be another price increase.....this way you won 't have to worry about it being out of stock once you finally decide to get it.

  3. :yes::yes::yes::yes:
  4. Spoken from someone who has been there....
    Yes, I can always enable.
  5. Does anybody have the rose de Noel earrings?
    Also...has anybody seen photos of the upcoming limited edition vintage Alhambra pieces?
    They are wood.... Anybody interested in it?
  6. Beachy, looks fab on you! Not originally a fan of the TE but after seeing your mod, I'm won over! Congrats!
  7. Fine fine. I will get it. Haha.

    I don't have a store near by. Is it a big deal to match the mop with my current pendant necklace??
  8. Beautiful, congrats :biggrin:
  9. I tried the chalcedony rose de Noel earrings on .They were really beautiful and I was very tempted but found them a little too heavy for my liking so I decided to pass . :biggrin:
  10. oh, i bet those were gorgeous!!! i love VCA chalcedony.
  11. congrats!!! absolutely gorgeous!!!!
  12. That looks beautiful on you!
  13. beachy- the tigers eye and MOP look great together, enjoy your new necklace it looks great on you!
  14. I see. I tried the black mop set....I can't remember how heavy they felt but they looked heavy. I an currently somwhat obsessed with the white mop..:smile:
  15. I can't get my nerves in check to call and order it. I don't know whats stopping me! I think maybe the size as I have a 5.5" wrist. Or the stone?? I really want a YG turquoise bracelet....but I like the price of the mop.....

    I already have a RG love. Do u guys think the 5 motif would look best or the sweet RG? Anyone have a pic with the love and a 5 motif they can share??? Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.