Vanessa Hudgens

  1. i agree its a bit much with HSM3 and i hope it doesnt hurt her career as well. ya know directors thinking she can "only do tween films" and wont be taken seriously.

    i think she's hot when she smiles with her teeth, but when she smiles like.. a duck?? i dunno, just doesn't cut it for me. :confused1:
  2. LOL LOL LOL.:roflmfao: I know what you're talking about, that thing all the tween and teen celebrities do with their lips! Does look like a duck! Kinda like when Miley Cyrus smiles like a fish - that annoying pouty lip look!:yucky:

    It's like if you have all that money to get your teeth perfectly straightened, whitened, HECK, replaced with perfect ones - just damn smile already!:lecture:
  3. she usually looks very natural and at ease. she's got a good vibe about her :biggrin:
  4. She's gorgeous but I lost respect for her after the nude pictures scandal..

    *runs and hides from angry vanessa fans*
  5. I love this girl's style, its so pretty! I like the fact that she has a normal teen/younger womans body!
    -nicolecloset, i started a thread in the celeb fashion part of this forum! the colour is betsey!
  6. OMG! Wrong link!!! It was supposed to be a thread!
  7. I have a love-hate relationship with Vanessa Hudgens. I love her because I think she's absolutely gorgeous and I love her hair and style. But on the other hand, I think she is a terrible actress and sings in this really annoying voice. IDK, I can't describe it.

    Plus after her naked picture leaked on the internet last year, I can't help but feel that she's such a terrible role model for the young generation growing up. Just my opinion. :p
  8. There are worse role models out there then just her. I feel bad that her photos were leaked...but I'm sure she learned her lesson. I don't know if I like her singing voice but I do love that one song "I gotta go my own way"
  9. She's so gorgeous!
  10. Her new house is beautiful!,0,5097018.story

    OK, PULL up the blinds in your sleeping tween-ager's room and show her this column. I promise she will not shoot daggers your way. Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa Hudgens of "High School Musical" fame has bought her first house. It's in Studio City, it cost $2.75 million, and she isn't out of her teens yet.

    The Old-World Tuscan-style house has a city-lights view. There are six bedrooms and 6 1/2 bathrooms in 5,200 square feet. The property has a Pebble Tec pool and spa, waterfalls, cabana and a barbecue island. The kitchen has Thermador appliances and copper sinks. There is a wine cellar with glass doors and Mexican wrought iron. I won't even ask why a teenager needs a wine cellar, but whatever. . . .

    The two-story home had been on the market for almost a year and had been most recently priced at $3,299,000.




  11. But seriously.. why does she need 6 bedrooms if she will be living alone? I actually wouldn't want to live alone at 19, but hey thats JMO. I read a report that Zac will NOT be moving in just yet.
  12. ^ I just hope that house is paid full!
  13. Isn't this too much house for a 19 year old???
  14. ^ Thats what I said..

    & I hope its paid for in full..
  15. I think she's cute... not striking or stunning in any way. My nephew loves her, as he's a huge HSM fan.