Van Cleef & Arpels: Current Worldwide Prices

  1. Does anyone know the current price for frivole gold two flower ring? Not the pave but the one with small diamond in the center.
  2. I just purchased one. It is being made for me right now. Price is 5450 .
  3. Thank you! Very nice ring!
  4. Does anyone know the price of the small Lotus earrings.
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    [font=&quot]$16,200, please look at the pricing data in the future. There has been no price increase in the US since 10/11. Thanks![/font]
  6. I emailed both van cleef and arpels and harrods and neither have replied so does anyone know the price on GBP for the sweet Alhambra clover bracelet ? Also the 5 motif white gold diamonds bracelet
    Thanks :smile:
  7. Spotted a 20 motif white coral alhambra for $50K at a 5th ave store here in NYC...I let mine go for $22K :shucks::noggin:
  8. wow! I have never seen one in coral. does it look similar to MOP when wearing?
  9. Does anyone know the US price for the RG Perlee pendant with diamond motif(without the chain), please?

    Here are the pricing info i have gathered so far:

    UK: GBP3300; HK: HKD36200; SGP: SGD6100, that is all....
  10. Not at all. It is a flat white, more matte in tone; nothing like the shimmer silvery from MOP. Actually goes with everything and looks so unique-blends great with colors whereas the MOP might be a bit too much!
  11. $5850 for the rose gold diamond motif pendant
    $6100 for the white gold diamond motif pendant
  12. Does anyone know the current price in the USA for "Alhambra-Sweet: Pendant Necklace -butterfly set in WG with Turquoise"? Also the price for "Alhambra-Vintage: Pendant set in YG with Carnelian"? Thanks in advance!!!!!
  13. Also, does anyone know the current price in the USA for "Alhambra-Sweet Clover Pendant in Pink gold, Carnelian"? Thanks.
  14. It is $1500.