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  1. Just a thought, this particular seller "hgbags" in eBay always seems to have real Balenciaga handbags in her auctions. I have seen the pics of her bags over the last few weeks and there is no doubt in my mind that her B-Bags are authentic. The only thing that perplexes me is the buy it now price she offers them at! For example, current item number 160019662034 has a BIN price of USD945. How can she afford to sell at this price? Especially new 06 range bags like the Nero & Ink City bags. Anyone have any thoughts? She seems to have good feedback and has been around for a while too...Hmmm :heart:
  2. I was wondering about her today too and did a search and read through that thread.

    I'd avoid her since there is some questionable bags but I noticed she got good feedback from 'cougess' and 'tedstar2001'. Aren't they authentic sellers?
  3. I bought a bag from her before reading any of the threads and it is definitely an authentic balenciaga, no doubt. The thread about her scared the b-jesus out of me, but my bag looks and feels good.

    The hear-say I've heard through the grapevine since is that she sells real bags and has some sort of connection. I don't know, maybe she gets an employee discount or something. She doesn't sell much below retail, though.
  4. Maybe you could ask her. She is a member.
  5. Yes, her bags are authentic. Not sure how she gets her deals but I wish I could get hooked up like that!
  6. I've been watching her auctions for awhile and they are authentic according to the photographs.
  7. OMG! I just read the whole thing. I don't want to start that again. Thanks hayikuh and for everyone who contributed to that thread.
  8. she is a pf-er?
  9. ^^She joined the board to defend herself....and not very well.
  10. And as we were writing our posts about 45 minutes ago she was here reading them live.
Thread Status:
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