Unhappy with engraving

When I have had re-engraving done (changes I requested), I was told their engraving standards were very specific to suit Cartier's design standards. They wouldn't add a date to a name I had already engraved on the ring.

They said according to their design standard, they must polish back and re-engrave so that it is perfectly centred.

I would definitely not be happy with what they did for you.

(nice surprise for me was even after I signed to pay the re-engraving cost, they chose to waive it for me at pick up)
Oh my gosh that's bad. Also, the customer service attitude at Cartier has really changed unfavorably in the last number of years. I'm not surprised by how they handled it, which is upsetting in and of itself.
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I’d be so angry! You’re not overreacting at all and I would definitely go back and escalate this. I would ask for a new ring because if they re do the engraving you’ll lose some of the gold when they polish down their mistake engraving.

How could anyone working for Cartier think this was a good idea to place the engraving there?!
Please escalate and get a refund.

I had a similar issue (posted on here a few years ago), where they resized a Rose Gold Trinity ring that was a size too small (it was the last one in the World apparently) and it came back battered. They offered to re-do it but I did not want that as I’d lost faith in their ability to do a good job. A refund was denied at the boutique, so I left the ring with them, went home and made a call to Client Services.

Within 48 hours, I had my money back.

A few months later, one became available in my size, which I wasn’t expecting as it had been discontinued for quite some years!
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Oh gosh. No way will I accept this, it's sloppy. It's totally off centered, and the heart is overlapping the (C), yet there is still heaps of space on the left of the engraving.
Hi all, I just wanted to hear your thoughts on my recent Cartier engraving experience at the Fifth Ave location. I've had my other pieces engraved before and they all turned out lovely. Most recently, I went to get my love ring engraved with initials and a heart. The guy who helped me seemed to be in a rush and gave me my ring back with the engraving right next to the Cartier/serial number stamp. It's not centered, my other pieces are engraved in the empty space of the inside of jewelry. I've included photos and the heart is in between the logo and serial number (which I've crossed out). The guy didn't even acknowledge that it was done wrong, he just left immediately after handing me the ring back. I had actually go and find and show him the ring and he made me feel like I was making a big deal out of nothing.

Eventually the guy directed me to his higher ups and while they acknowledged that it was done incorrectly, they also made it seem like I was upset for no reason and they didn't take responsibility for the mistake. The only solution they offered was for me to let them hold onto the ring for a few days so they could shave down the inside of the ring and redo the engraving. I eventually decided to just leave it as is, since I didn't really trust them with my ring anymore and I didn't want my ring to be altered in any way since I've had it for years already. It was gifted to me for a special milestone in my life.

I know the engraving is not a huge deal and nobody can even tell but guess I'm just wondering if my disappointment was justified? I know we all spend our hard-earned money on these expensive pieces and I was expecting more attention to detail and at least some type of apology? I felt like they were a bit rude and judging me for not being happy with the result. I left so disappointed. Thanks.
Wow, I’m so sorry that happened to you! That is unacceptable & not okay. I would be upset as well. I would think it’s common knowledge to put it in the middle perfectly centered.

I hope they did or do something to fix it & make it up to you. I agree that you should figure out what you want as a resolution & ask.
I would escalate it to the boutique director, and figure out what you want: a new ring with proper engraving? I would not trust them to resurface the inside and do it again, you'll lose metal and the ring will never feel the same. I hope this works out to your satisfaction.
Not sure if you got this settled with Cartier. I would just like to share my story a bit. Last year, I had my ring engraved. When I went to pick up, they didn’t even show me the ring and said they made a terrible mistake by engraving over the logo, and they will replace a new ring for me. I waited for the ring in my size to come in, only to find out that they sent my ring to NYC boutique to polish and reengrave. I was super upset! (So, I can understand your feeling for sure.) This is not acceptable for me at all as the ring edge is rounded (mine was a platinum love band) and basically that was not what we agreed upon. I escalated it through CS call and finally got my new ring.

Like the post above mentioned, have the resolution you would like in mind and make sure things get settled fairly for you.
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