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Jul 2, 2021
Hi all, I just wanted to hear your thoughts on my recent Cartier engraving experience at the Fifth Ave location. I've had my other pieces engraved before and they all turned out lovely. Most recently, I went to get my love ring engraved with initials and a heart. The guy who helped me seemed to be in a rush and gave me my ring back with the engraving right next to the Cartier/serial number stamp. It's not centered, my other pieces are engraved in the empty space of the inside of jewelry. I've included photos and the heart is in between the logo and serial number (which I've crossed out). The guy didn't even acknowledge that it was done wrong, he just left immediately after handing me the ring back. I had actually go and find and show him the ring and he made me feel like I was making a big deal out of nothing.

Eventually the guy directed me to his higher ups and while they acknowledged that it was done incorrectly, they also made it seem like I was upset for no reason and they didn't take responsibility for the mistake. The only solution they offered was for me to let them hold onto the ring for a few days so they could shave down the inside of the ring and redo the engraving. I eventually decided to just leave it as is, since I didn't really trust them with my ring anymore and I didn't want my ring to be altered in any way since I've had it for years already. It was gifted to me for a special milestone in my life.

I know the engraving is not a huge deal and nobody can even tell but guess I'm just wondering if my disappointment was justified? I know we all spend our hard-earned money on these expensive pieces and I was expecting more attention to detail and at least some type of apology? I felt like they were a bit rude and judging me for not being happy with the result. I left so disappointed. Thanks.


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I’m sorry you had less than stellar service, or at least perceived based on their attitudes. They did offer to correct it, but I know how you feel when they don’t seem to care!
I’m sorry you had less than stellar service, or at least perceived based on their attitudes. They did offer to correct it, but I know how you feel when they don’t seem to care!
Thank you. I appreciate that they offered to correct it. I've had some stellar service at Cartier before so I think this was a bit disappointing in comparison.
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Here's a better photo I just took.
This is just ridiculous. Beyond disappointing. I’ve had a similar experience with a gift I bought for my BF at Tiffany. I understand your hesitance to hand it over again and have them correct their mistake. Trust is very hard to regain once it’s lost. I wouldn’t be happy about having them file anything down either, but in a way, I would always be reminded of my terrible experience when looking back at the misaligned engraving. I’m so sorry about your experience and I truly hope they find some way to make it right, even if that looks different than filing down the ring.
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Here's a thought, @jnea. How about your figuring out exactly what you would like Cartier to do in order to "make this right" for you and asking for that. I recently had Tiffany engrave a couple of new Lock bracelets, and they were done beautifully. If the engraving had been done as carelessly as your Love Ring had been done, I would have asked for new bracelets.

Since your ring has sentimental value, replacing it doesn't seem like an option for you. Again, please think about a resolution that would make you happy and ask for it.
I would be upset that it’s touching the C. It’s mind boggling that the person engraving it thought that was a good spot to do it in, smh. I have 3 rings engraved from Cartier, and they’re all on the opposite side of the serial number, etc.