Two 70s/80s made-in-NYC bags, going through baths, documentins pics, as was requested

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  1. If that lightness in color is due to dryness, then some good rounds of conditioning *will* restore some of the richness to the brown. :smile:

    That brown bag in my early posts --- I originally thought it was supposed to be British Tan. Once conditioned, it returned to what I now realize was the original rich mahogany.

    And as I replied to someone earlier, don't panic if the newly dried bag still feels really stiff. Just condition, condition, condition. :smile:

    I also believe what you're saying about a sorority wanting Coach. :smile: My first introduction to Coach was actually during graduate school, in the mid nineties. A good friend of mine (who was also a fellow grad student) used to tell me how her mother only wanted Coach, and my friend and her many siblings used to pool their money to buy their mother Coach bags for birthday/Christmas. She used to show me the Coach in the Macy's display case, and they were these very same bags of thick, unlined leather, that we're now rehabbing and calling "vintage". :lol: But I have to say, my friend's mother was absolutely right. :yes:

  2. Thank you for the lesson on her rehab! I will be happy whatever color she turns out!

    I think I bought the bag at the charity shop mostly for the way it made me feel when I looked at her, it made me remember how much that one $119 bag meant to me so many years ago!
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  3. amazing!! I love these old NYC Coachs. I'm now inspired to buy the ones I see that I formerly might have passed over. I have found a few great oldies at thrift shops !
  4. After reading this thread, I am re-assessing every single old dry sad looking Coach I come across and going to breathe new life in them where possible. thank you!!
  5. That's great! Can't wait to see your pictures of your personal success!
  6. WOW that is just fablulous- nice work!
  7. I love this post!!! You did a great job! Thanks for all the tips :woohoo:
  8. The difference between dirty, dried out leather, vs. cleaned up, moisturized leather, is like night and day. And they really don't make the leather like they used to. :smile:

    Thank you both kindly. :flowers: The whole goal was to alleviate the horror people feel when they first hear, "Put the leather into soapy water". :lol:

  9. Great thread. thank you. I have two vintage coach bags that were authenticated and I can't wait to try out the soak/condition/fondle method!
  10. nice

  11. Heh. "Fondle". :biggrin: Yep.

    Honestly, there is nothing like the vintage leather. Sooo thick.

    And with the perk that you really don't have to baby these vintage bags. They can actually be your "workhorse bags". Last weekend we went to dinner with some other family members at a buffet. I took one of my vintage Coach simply because I knew that even if something would happen like getting a smudge of "food grease" on it (like if daughter would drop something, etc), I *know* that I can soap/soak minor grease accidents right out of this leather. Likewise, I can have them in the rain with absolutely no worry. I can put them down on top of a magazine without worrying about color transfer (like you have to be wary of with patent). These older bags are really very impressive in their own right. :smile:
  12. Momtok - Absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for posting this process.
  13. Not sure if I replied to this thread yet, but great work! I rehab bags quite a bit and washing- conditioning is the biggest way to see improvement in these old bags. Perfect documentation. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hi!

    Im new to this site and I tried to go over to the Coach Authentication Thread to see if I could get two vintage Coach bags authenticated but the only Authentication thread I could find was closed.

    Can anyone post a link to a current Coach authentication thread please?

    Thank you so much!


    Basically, go to the main "coach" subforum.

    Then, scroll up, and click on the "coach shopping" link. That takes you to the "coach shopping" sub-forum.

    Then, within that "coach shopping" sub-forum, look toward the top of the page for the authentication thread. :smile: