Turquoise GD on Ebay France

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  1. That is with tax, right?
  2. I didn't mean to offend you by saying that I was surprised to see that it is sold so much more than the original Euro230 and wonder if anyone is going to bid on it. I guess I had a mental block that ebay is for good deals because they are 2nd hand goods, of course it is not true, there are many limited edition /rare stuffs for sales. Good luck anyway, hope you get what you want instead of having to return it to BG. BG is taking a big cut for sure especially they buy with wholesale prices!
  3. I did not have to pay tax - I was charged $20 for shipping.

    European goods always cost more in the US because of import taxes etc. Chloe and Balenciaga etc are cheaper in europe for americans b/c we can buy it without having to pay the VAT which averages around 17% in the EU countries.

    If it doesn't sell its not the end of the world for me. My new rule is to only buy bags from places that take returns!