Turquoise GD on Ebay France

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  1. That's sooooooo pretty. I'm going to be in trouble when I finally get to London. I'm going to want one in every color!
  2. OMG. What a beautiful bag!
  3. There is also a black one on EBay, item number 6851918297. Buy it now price of $550!!!:amazed:
  4. $550, that's crazy! Why? Is it because it's so hard to get in N.A.?
  5. It's really crazy! I think others have said it was $3something at BG.
  6. It's already more expensive in US ( BG or little boutiques) than the European prices (between euro230-240), I am monitoring this auction to see if anyone's actually buying it.
  7. It's a TFS member selling it. I commented on how I thought it was robbery!!!!
  8. Good.. that really is, profitting from us bag fiends !! :suspiciou
  9. I don't think it's "robbery", but then again, I'm a capitalist at heart. That's what's so great about the auction system: the buyers and sellers really end up negotiating out the actual value of the bag (similar to the stock system). If it's too high, no one will bid, and the seller will re-list it with a lower price. However, if there's someone willing to buy the bag at the first listed price, then good for the seller. If I ever sell rare, authentic handbags in mint condition on ebay, I'd like to turn a profit.
  10. i don't think it's robbery either, price is nothing but perceived value, and apparently people are crapping themselves over this bag (i have yet to figure out why, it's not particularly cute). since they're hard to find and popular, it would only make sense that it would go above retail. no one's forcing anyone to bid or buy!
  11. Its my bag - I purchased it at Bergdorf's for $415. I can't believe that some of you think I'm "taking advantage" of anyone or committing highway robbery by listing the bag for $500! After ebay listing fees, ebay final value fees and paypal fees, my "profit" if the bag sells for $500 will be about $50!!! I can't even buy a change purse for that! I've paid much more than retail for many bags I've bought on ebay because I wanted the bag. I've also sold many of my bags below retail because I went overboard on a certain type or style of bag, or decided that I'd rather have the cash. That's what ebay is for. If the bag does not sell, I'm going to return it, but since I have other ebay listings, I thought I'd try to sell the darel bag before returning it to BG. If it doesn't sell, its not a big deal to me, I'm only out shipping. And, I am offended that anyone thinks I'm trying to take advantage of any forum members - lets get real - $500 for a bag that cost me $415 and has never been used is hardly taking advantage of anyone.
  12. Cougess, please don't take offense. I was simply surprised to see your buy it now price of $550 knowing that some members bought the same bag at BG for $395.00. Honestly, if it was one of the colors that I wanted, I probably would not have hesitated to bid on it. There is nothing wrong with trying to make a profit and I hope you sell your bag!

    BTW, why are you selling it?
  13. I'm selling it because I don't like the drawstring ties at the end!
    Also, the BIN price is illusory - the starting price for the auction is $500, that's the real listing price.
  14. What is TFS?

    Realistically, if someone bid $500, that isn't so far off base, IMO. Retail at BG for $395 + tx. The seller did all the leg work, all the bidder has to do it buy it. Ebay fees, etc...I think the seller should make some bit of money on it.