Trollbead addiction

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  1. I think trollbeads are less bound by a certain style. I appreciate the design of trollbeads more.

    We recently bought a pandora bracelet for my sister's birthday though and it looks stunning, and less bulky.
  2. I signed up, put 2 of the 3 in a shopping bag, will buy them this evening. Hmmm, you are a bad influence! LOL
  3. I'm about to buy some beads from a site called trollbead-charms. Has anyone heard of them? Are they reliable? I'm in Australia and it is SOOOOO much cheaper to buy these beads online. I am so addicted.
  4. They're soo beautiful! I'm so happy you posted about this, I've never heard of Trollbeads before.
  5. They are good, you can check out all sellers on Make sure you get free shipping, no one should charge for shippign and ludntrading includes all price lists so you know what the beads are supposed to be sold for from retailers. Be careful on eBay, there are some good sellers and some that are terrible. Just check feedback if you go that route.
  6. I have two pandora bracelets and am thinking about getting a troll one too! I love the troll beads, so much fun!!
  7. Does anyone know how much the anniversary bracelets were when they first came out? I just bought two on ebay, and wanted to know if I got a good deal or not. I guess they are kind of rare now. Thanks!
  8. I started with Trollbeads and love their innovative style, but I'm not into the fantasy "Lord of the Rings"-type style much. There is no doubt that their Murano glass selection far surpasses Pandora in design and selection, but I most likely will sell most of my Trollbeads glass as I prefer beads from private bead artists to manufactured glass beads.

    If you want an upscale bracelet, I think the silver/gold beads from Pandora are stunning. The ones that include CZs add a sparkle that makes any bracelet or necklace so beautiful. I LOVE the primrose and lights ones especially not only for their wonderful design, but that it breaks up the silver/gold/glass with a bit of dazzle.

    Now, that I have both Pandora and Trollbead bracelets, I do find that I reach for the TB actual bracelet much more than the Pandora. There are several reasons. First, ALL my beads fit on the TB. Pandora is a 5mm bracelet that will not fit TB beads. That is unfortunate because two of my favorite bead artists only make TB sized glass beads. Kim Miles, who is perhaps the best beadist out there only makes beads for TB bracelets.

    Another factor is that the clip areas of the Pandora bracelet, when it is full, is annoying to me. I often cannot properly fit the beads in a section and end up with an unsightly gap. The only useful purpose to clips IMHO is when you are first building your bracelet, and if you only have a few beads, they are going to all fall under your wrist anyway! AND...I hate hate hate that ugly Pandora bead clasp. However, the shiny silver look of the Pandora bracelet is so much prettier than the thinner weave look of the TB bracelet TO ME. So there are good and bad points to both.

    If anyone is interested in the TB glass beads that I am selling (before they go on eBay), let me know and I'll be happy to post the list. I bought them before the price increase, so you would get quite the bargain with no tax or upcharge to compensate for eBay selling fees. :woohoo:
  9. I love all the pictures you ladies have posted of your bracelets. I have a Troll bracelet, too. I have the large flower clasp on it, and three royal blue glass beads, and the rest of the beads are a mixture of Pandora, Chamilia, and Troll silver.
    I started less than a year ago with a Pandora bracelet with the bead clasp. I had the worst time with the clasp as my nails are very short and weak. I found myself trying to pry it open with my nail scissors, which seemed stupid as I was wearing it on my wrist at the time. So I sold that one and bought a Chamilia with a lobster claw clasp. I will say that the Chamilia bracelet is not as nice quality as Pandora, but I could work the clasp much easier. However, I found the lobster claw clasp too plain for my taste.
    So now I am on to a Troll bracelet, which is very nice quality, and has a beautiful, easy to use clasp.
    My only problem with the bracelet has been the weight. When I filled it, I found it very uncomfortable. For some odd reason, I am extremely sensitive to weighty bracelets, necklaces, or rings. I removed all but three of the glass beads, and that seemed to help. However, whenever I go to buy another charm, I am always careful to feel it and make sure it is not heavy. The charms with the glass and stone accents can be very heavy.
    I have received excellent service from They sell Pandora, too.
  10. I also noticed that the Pandora/Troll style bracelets are pretty heavy, but I find it nice and reassuring, and the weight makes me feel like I'm getting something for my money. They do leave marks on my skin by the end of the day though, and my right thumbnail is shot from my Pandora bracelets. I was trying to use a guitar pick to open the clasp, but I might break down and buy the opener they are selling (almost $40!!). The reason I like the Pandora clasp is because it looks like another bead, the look is more seamless.
  11. Does anyone else have an anniversary bracelet?? I didn't find out about Trollbeads until the bracelets were sold out at Lund Trading. I had to get mine on ebay, and I wanted to know if I got a reasonable deal or not. (I paid about $725):confused1:
  12. Mimi Kim, I believe the anniversary bracelets were a couple of hundred dollars higher than that, so yes, I think you got yours for a good price. Enjoy!
  13. Thanks for the response! Do you have an anniversary bracelet too??? Which do you prefer, Pandora or Troll?? lol
  14. I have two Trollbeads bracelets I put together myself - one in amber and silver and one in turquoise and green beads and silver. I had never heard of the brand until last November when I was visiting a friend in Rome and got hooked. I much prefer Trollbeads to the other glass/silver bead bracelets. I think the quality is higher and I like that the beads sit freely on the chain instead of being screwed on. It just looks funkier and less organized to me. Unfortunately, they don't sell Trollbeads in too many retail locations here (Toronto) but Pandora is everywhere. So I've mostly gotten my new beads from the web or Ebay - would much prefer to see them in person but there's not much of an option.
  15. I am working on filling my first trollbead bracelet. So far, I have 11 beads, a mix of glass and silver. It's an ocean theme with blues and greens and sea critters to remind me of the time I spent growing up in Hawaii. :smile: I love seeing and hearing about everyone else's love for trollbeads and pandora. I received my most recent purchase (a glass bead) in the mail today. It looks like it has an internal crack in it. I can't feel it on the outside, but can see it showing through from the inside. Has anyone one else ever been sent a bead like this or seen one? I'm assuming it's a flaw and am thinking I should send it back for an exchange. What do you think?