Tory burch shoes (post your pictures, comments and queries)

  1. Thanks!! :smile:

    I bought those last year in 2010...i think it was in the summer...perhaps June/July 2010.
  2. Lovely TBs collection!! i'm in love with ur gold reva too!!
  3. Here's my fave TB's flat! Since Abbey and Reese comes from past season, so its only available in US TB outlet
    I couldn't resist the tassels on Reese, so cute!
    No need to break in because the leather is very soft and fit me well.

    up : Abbey Tan and Black
    down : Reese gold and orange

    Abbey Flat Black silver metalic

    Abbey Flat Tan Black

    Reese Family

    I loooovee the tassles

    Mode pic for Reese Orange
  4. Great collections! Love the cute!
  5. does anybody know whether tory burch shoes are available anywhere is bangkok and if so do u know the price of the amanda flat sandals??
  6. I am never able to find a good deal on TB's in size 10! I'm not willing to dish out full price, but they are all so cute. I guess everyone snatches them up in that size
  7. eBay always have size 10. Just be careful that they are authentic though.
  8. Nordstrom Rack is also a good spot to pick up that size!!